Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #32

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Something Else that Was Happening in 1993

Sometime after Keith and I got married but before Annie was born, my ex got remarried. He got married to someone whose father belonged to the same country club as him. I don’t mention wives when I speak of this country club’s members because women were not allowed to be members.

Having grown up in that environment and everything that goes along with it, she was a much better fit for him than me.

Why Am I Telling You This?

The reason that this has any significance goes back to Recollections #12. Remember that I mentioned that the gynecologist who delivered Kenny would come into play later in my story?


The girl that my ex married is the daughter of my gynecologist. Once they were married Kenny was this man’s step-grandson. Kenny called him Grandpa.

Is it just me or do you also find this weird? Initially, it was creepy to me. Now I just think it’s funny.

The End

That’s it for this week. Short and not so sweet! No relevant pictures are available 🙂

Peace & Love,

I am knee-deep into cleaning and organizing my home. These are all of the things I bought this week.

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  1. The Introduction
  2. My Parents and Their Friends in the 60s
  3. A Lonely Kid
  4. The Day I Ran Away TO Home
  5. The Tornado
  6.  Moving Away from My Friends
  7. The Summer of 1975
  8. Living with the Devil
  9. After the Summer of 1975
  10. The Wedding
  11. Newlyweds and 2 New Houses
  12. A Baby
  13. Behind Closed Doors
  14. Living the Dream
  15. Four Tumultuous Years
  16. My Sister
  17. Fast Forward To Today
  18. The Divorce
  19. Do Your Homework
  20. Why Am I Writing This
  21. Living Through Abuse
  22. Fixer Upper
  23. Dating Single Mom
  24. The Ghost
  25. Losing My Favorite House
  26. Present Day
  27. Meeting “Handy”
  28. Falling in Love
  29. Becoming a Grandma
  30. Where Did We Leave Off
  31. And Then There Was Annie

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  1. I Love reading your recollections!❤️