Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #28 – Fall in Love

The Joe Cocker Concert

Where we left off from last week…..

We went to the concert and neither of us liked it very much. Turns out “Handy’s” next-door neighbor was a beer salesman and had access to concert tickets. I guess no one wanted the tickets so he gave them to Keith 🙂

We left the concert early and went back to his house. We talked until 1 or 2 in the morning and then he took me home.

This is what Keith’s house looked like when I first met him

So Much in Common

It was one of those conversations where you find out all about the other person.

We both were raised by parents who had been together since they were young. Our Lutheran upbringings were another similarity. There were a lot of things about our lives that aligned.

Such a Good Guy

Keith is such a good guy and he was doing everything he could to be the one for me. I on the other hand was doing everything in my power to mess things up.

Was my history with men going to repeat itself? Was I going to let the good one get away?

What was my problem? Was it because I thought I didn’t deserve a nice guy?

Soul Searching

It took a little bit of time but I did some real soul searching and some therapy! I finally decided I deserved to have someone treat me right and I chose the nice guy!

Kenny and I moved into his house in February and we were married in July 1993. One year after we met. By October of that same year, I was pregnant with Annie. That sweet baby is now getting ready to have a baby of her own.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

We’ve been married now for 30 years and as you know we are still in the little bachelor pad on the river.

Peace & Love,

P. S. Even good guys become grumpy old men! LOL

Wrapping Presents this Week

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  1. The Introduction
  2. My Parents and Their Friends in the 60s
  3. A Lonely Kid
  4. The Day I Ran Away TO Home
  5. The Tornado
  6.  Moving Away from My Friends
  7. The Summer of 1975
  8. Living with the Devil
  9. After the Summer of 1975
  10. The Wedding
  11. Newlyweds and 2 New Houses
  12. A Baby
  13. Behind Closed Doors
  14. Living the Dream
  15. Four Tumultuous Years
  16. My Sister
  17. Fast Forward To Today
  18. The Divorce
  19. Do Your Homework
  20. Why Am I Doing This
  21. Living Through Abuse
  22. Fixer Upper
  23. Dating Single Mom
  24. The Ghost
  25. Losing My Favorite House
  26. Present Day
  27. Meeting Handy

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  1. These posts are so enjoyable to read Lynn! I love hearing someone else’s story!

    1. Thank you so much – We are beyond excited.