Lynn’s Little Recollections & Reflections #12

We settled into our little house on Meadow Lane.

It was tiny with just two bedrooms and two bathrooms but we had a garage and a finished basement.

This is the house today. It seems to have fallen into disrepair. It was white with black shutters when we bought it and the yard was not so over grown.

A Baby

We had been married a couple of years and then I found out I was pregnant.

I was very excited as I so wanted to be a Mom. I started working on a nursery.

It was pink with just a little bit of blue, but I knew that this baby growing inside me was a girl. Not because we had any confirmation. I just had a feeling.

Me at my baby shower hosted by my sister Laurie and my good friend Maura McDonald


I didn’t do very well being pregnant. I was so sick that at 5 months my doctors wanted me to stop working so that I could gain some weight and take care of myself.

I need to share with you that my ob/GYN was a member of the country club that we belonged to.

It seemed that all the ladies from the club were his patients. A bit strange but in my case it gets even weirder. Much further down the road, in this trip down memory lane, he will come into play again. I know I’ve piqued all of your interest but you will have to wait to find out how this comes into play later on.

September 24, 1984

I’d been in labor for almost 48 hours and in the hospital since the night before. I wasn’t progressing and was in pain that just never stopped.

I’d taken all the classes and I should have known something wasn’t right but it was my first baby so I just listened to the nurses and didn’t question anything.

Newborn Hospital Picture

The 24th was a Monday and I was finally seen by a doctor when he got in that morning. It seems that this baby was breech and I had labored for so long that he was now in distress.

The Cubs clinched the NL East title on August 24, 1984. I know that because my husband was watching the game in the waiting room and had to be found to watch his baby being born.

I gave birth to a baby boy by cesarean section.

Everything about this was a surprise. I had hoped for a natural easy delivery and I was sure my baby was a girl.

I realized that the only name we had picked out, Elizabeth Katherine wasn’t going to work.

Outward Appearances

From all outward appearances, we were a happy little family! But there was more going on inside that little house on Meadow Lane than just redecorating a pink nursery. to blue.

Peace & Love,

Some of My Favorite Things

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