Lynn’s Small Recollections & Reflections #4

The Time I Ran Away TO Home!

On Sunday morning my Dad would drop us off for Sunday School and then go back home to get my Mom and we would all attend church together after Sunday School.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at the Corner of Roselle Road and Illinois Blvd in Hoffman Estates

One Sunday for some reason I was the only one who went to Sunday School and when it was over I waited for my Mom to come to church. I waited and waited and waited.

The church service had started and there was no sign of my family. They had forgotten about me and my only hope of ever seeing them again was to walk home.

I started my trek towards home. The route was some pretty busy roads that I had no business walking down or across by myself. I don’t know how far I had gotten before a police car stopped and picked me up. 

He took me home and my Dad was there! I was never so happy to see him!

He picked me up as I ran out of the car and I sobbed and sobbed.

Shortly thereafter my Mom came racing home as I was nowhere to be found at church.

Word got around quickly of my weekend escapes and I was completely humiliated at school on Monday when everyone teased me about being seen in the back of a police car. 

I’m happy to report that was my one and only time 

New suburban track home built in the early 1960s in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

There’s no place like home

Peace and Love,

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  1. What an adorable story! glad you made it safely. We once left one of our kids in a restaurant. He went to the restroom and I thought he had gotten in my sisters car. We got home and Trent was nowhere to be found. We recovered him quickly. LOL

    1. I think we all have a similar story with our kids.

  2. Oh wow. You must have been so terrified! You knew how to get home, though. Pretty resourceful!

    1. It was very terrifying as it’s one of those memories that really stands out in my mind.

  3. oh my gosh, what a story Lynn! I will be checking out all of your great links for some springtime shopping! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I couldn’t help thinking …..
    Love the ending❤️❤️