When Your Baby Leaves the Nest

When your baby leaves the nest and you’re an empty nester, what is the next step? How do you transition into this next life phase?

It’s funny how this time it’s different from when they left for college, Nothing much would change around the house because we knew they were coming back home. Just about the time when we got into the groove of cooking for two and having our own routine, they would be home.

Now they are truly all gone and living their own lives. It’s bittersweet!

When your baby leaves the nest.

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Feeling that Your Baby is in A Good Place

Having a child move into a big city situation is scary.

When they can live anywhere because they work from home, you question the big city move. However, you can understand the appeal. It seems like yesterday when I too wanted to experience living in the city where all the action was.

We got so lucky with the living situation that Emma is in.

She’s in a beautiful apartment, in a lovely neighborhood. Her landlord isn’t a typical city landlord. The family actually lives on the property.

Having a roommate that you like and trust is also a reassuring situation. All things considered, we couldn’t have our baby in a better place.

When your baby leaves the nest.

The Apartment

Their little nest couldn’t be cuter. It has so much character. The charm of a bay window, a built-in dining room cabinet, vintage molding, and doors are throughout the space.

To have a third bedroom that they can use as an office and a balcony off the back are things they never imagined they could have on their budget.

Working with PhotoWall, I was able to get some great prints for them to have in their first home. Check out all the great artwork HERE.

Another Smart Moving Tip

The girls hired movers to move the contents of two trucks up the three flights of stairs. That was the best money ever spent!

If you’re looking for a great moving company in the area and not sure who to turn to, I’d suggest looking into JC Movers Lumper Service Inc. They’re an incredible, friendly, and hospitable business to help you with any of the services you’re looking for including commercial moving, senior moving and labor moving in the Chicagoland area. They are licensed, insured, and capable of meeting all your service expectations. Their goal is to provide you with an experience that is stress-free for you! 

If you’re moving long-distance, this article from This Old House has some great tips and resources.

“Sometimes Love Means Letting Go When You Want to Hold on Tighter”

-Melissa Marr

Things Empty-Nesters Can Do

Always having projects to do around the house, will keep us busy for some time and it’s almost canning season so that will take up several weekends in August.

But we want to start planning more things just for the two of us. There is the return to our Satur-dates that we are looking forward to. We also dream about traveling more but for now, with our dog and chickens, it makes it a little bit inconvenient. Because of Covid, our dream European vacation got canceled so maybe it’s time to start planning again. There’s a lot to think about.

Staying very busy with blogging is my new normal. I work long hours because I love what I’m doing and “Handy” has said that he could never just sit at home, he will need to have a hobby when he decides to retire.

Empty Nest Home

The added space we have gained in this small house with all of our children gone is truly amazing. It’s surprising how less cramped we feel.

I walk into Emma’s old room daily to just gaze at the uncluttered, space that is now mine!

Do you have a home office? Even when I worked a corporate job, I worked from home so I was doing something rather unique that is now commonplace. I’ve had an office in just about every room in my home. In fact, I talk about it on one of my Podcasts. You can hear that HERE.

For quite some time my office has been downstairs in a room that is rather dark and dreary. My office is now back up in Emma’s old bedroom which is a bright and cheery space. Now that I’ve moved my desk, I have big plans for the Den/Office/Guest Room to make it a more inviting place to be.

Things I Bought During Prime Days

What’s up Next for This Empty-Nester?

Next week I’m heading to the Haven Conference in Atlanta, GA for the second time. It’s a blogger’s convention and I can’t wait to go. This year I know so many more people so it’s even more exciting.

The week that I come home I will be revealing my laundry room remodel. It’s been a long time in the works. We had some issues with the cabinets that started off with me choosing the wrong color and having to have them repainted. Then the doors took forever to come in and when they did two of them were broken. I’m so excited to show it to you when it’s finally finished.

Grand Hyatt Buckhead Atlanta GA

Thanks for tagging along with Living Large in A Small House and hearing about how our baby has left the nest and what’s up next for the empty-nesters!


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  1. Emma’s apartment is beautiful! I love all of the vintage details.
    After your heart heals a bit, you will actually really enjoy having an empty nest. I have been an empty nester for 13 years already. Where has the time gone? Hugs to you, my friend.

    1. Her apartment is so cute! My heart is pretty well healed. The fact that I can keep my house clean everyday is very healing ????????????

  2. Ethel Alderson says:

    Thanks for sharing the apartmen! I could move in.
    Is the large white cupboard a standalone piece in the kitchen?
    I am shopping for stand alone.cabinets for a small kitchen.
    Tell me about the rug on the patio.

    PS. Love your chicken marsela. Give us some more receipes

    1. Isn’t the apartment cute. I could live there too! The cupboard is built-in. There is one identical in all three apartments. The one below her is the original wood. It’s beautiful.

      She got her rug at World Market. I don’t see it on line but you might be able to get one in a store.

      Thanks so much for following along.

  3. Thanks for all of your tips on being empty nesters. We are empty nesters and retired. We are busy every day and never lack for things to do and keep us busy.

    1. Hi Judy –

      We are always busy too! I feel like I work more now than when I had a “real” job but the difference is that I love what I do now. Thanks for following along!

  4. My brother and sister-in-law just became empty nesters. As the shock faded, they each claimed one of the kids’ rooms as their own and are busy redecorating, happily reclaiming their space.

    1. We’ve been on and off empty nesters when Emma was away at school but now she’s (finger crossed) gone for good. It’s fun truly having the whole house to yourself. I’ve noticed that even “Handy” is putting in a little extra effort to keep things neat and cleaned up.