Behind the Scenes

Hi, I’m Lynn

Are you looking for some ways to whip up a quick meal? Refresh your home decor. Organize your pantry. Or have fun following along with our lives in a small house?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We live in a small (1,300 sq., ft.) home and we’ve raised three kids here. There is no garage or basement but we’ve not only made it work, but we’ve also made it beautiful and functional.

Nowadays it’s just me and my “Handy” husband Keith in the house but we’ve raised our son, Kenny, and two daughters, Annie and Emma here. You’ll hear about my kids often as now we seem to be doing projects at their homes along with our own.

The reason we have stayed in this small house for now 30 years, is that first and foremost, I can’t get “Handy” to leave, and second, we have a beautiful river in our backyard, and it’s really special to wake up to that view every morning.

Thanks for being here and letting me share our little corner of the world with you!


Where you can find me