Hi, Iโ€™m Lynn!

Welcome to Living Large in A Small House

I’m married to Keith who I call “Handy” on this blog. We are parents to three kids; Kenny who lives in LA, Annie who lives with her husband Tommy in Dallas, and Emma who lives at home with us in the NW Suburbs of Chicago.

“Handy” could have been a master carpenter if he choose another profession and he makes all of my dreams a reality.

We live in the house that was his bachelor pad when I met him. Raising three kids in a 1,300 square foot home with no garage or basement has been challenging but not only have we made it work, but we have made it into a beautiful, functional home.

I was a stay-at-home Mom for 20 years and then I had an opportunity to work for a company that I thought would be my dream job. After 16 years of working for corporate America, my job was eliminated in July of 2020 because of the pandemic.

I have never been happier! I’m able to pursue my dream of blogging about all of my passions full-time.

Where Is Our Small House

Our small home is on the banks of the Fox River in Port Barrington, Illinois. It’s a small hamlet in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. My office has always been in my home so I like things to be nice, neat, and organized. I love to garden, cook, entertain, organize and of course decorate my home. I’ve also become a master at maximizing the space in our house.

I love being able to share my life with you! And now you are able to listen to Emma and me laugh and chat about our crazy life on our NEW Podcast!


Where you can find me!

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