Lynn’s Small Recollections & Reflections #10

Where were we?

Oh, that’s right! I had moved to Rockford to work with my cousin and her husband.

I would travel back home to the Chicago suburbs most weekends to hang out with my friend Laura.

Finding Love Again

When Laura and I would go out it was typically to the local bar scene. On one particular night, we were at a nightclub to dance.

There was a guy who was particularly annoying and would take no for an answer to dance with him.

Up came a charming gentleman who asked if he could rescue me! I knew who he was but he had no idea who I was.

He was almost 4 years older than me and we went to the same high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman. Being a big high school football star, everyone knew who he was.


Even though he had a bad boy reputation, he was very charming. The first night we met, he drove me home to my parent’s house and played my guitar and sang to me!

We dated long-distance for a year and then when he wanted me to move back to the suburbs, we got engaged. He also bought us a house. It was Christmas time.

It was a fixer-upper and my first really big design project.

The rehearsal dinner. Don’t I look so happy!!!

The Wedding

It was 1981 and we planned a wedding for August 1st.

When I walked down the aisle with my Mom on one side and my Dad on the other, I had my very first panic attack and knew in my heart I was making another mistake.

But I was almost 23 years old and needed to quit making mistakes so I was determined to make this work!

Peace & Love,

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