Lynn’s Small Recollections & Reflections #8

Living with the Devil

This piece isn’t about me but it is something that was happening to friends in my life and I never knew the whole story about it until 2016.

When this Began

I’m going back in my life a bit as this story started when I was in Jr. High and it spanned over 40 years.

I’ve spoken about my friend Lori Hart, her sister Cindy Hart and their Mom who was my girl scout leader, in earlier episodes of this series. They lived next door and while Lori and I had been very close we were at the age in Jr. High when we were finding our own group of friends. I mentioned that my church friends were really important in my life at that time.

But being next door neighobors, we still were in each other’s lives to some extent.

I noticed something was a miss at the Hart’s house. A devote Baptist family who didn’t drink or miss church each Sunday had changed.

I noticed wine bottles in the kitchen and they weren’t going to church. There was something in the air at their house that things were not right.

What I Never Knew

While this crazy life situation was happening to my friend and neighbor. I was pretty oblivious to most of it and after we moved I recall my Mom talking about how Mrs. Hart had an affair with Mr. Rudd and Mr. Hart started dating Mrs. Rudd. The couples basically exchanged partners.

While things didn’t end well for Mrs. Hart and Mr. Rudd. Mr. Hart and Mrs. Rudd were married and remained married until his death in March of this year.

There was however way more sinister things going on that I never even knew about until Lori and Cindy Hart penned the book “Living with the Devil” which was published in 2016 and I read it soon after that.

Exerpt of “Living with the Devil”

“As the principal of his own law firm and known as “Mr. Condo” to his Chicago condominium clients, Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game. Charming, offbeat, and eccentric, he appeared on his own television show and taught at a local college. But behind the public persona of a successful lawyer, Donnie Rudd’s life was unraveling. Police started investigating the death of his second wife, and the murder of a local woman; along with claims of fraud by several clients. The fascinating memoir by Donnie’s step daughters describes the chaos of life with a sociopath as the allegations of infidelity, madness, and murder against Donnie interrupt their lives again and again. The sisters recount the riveting true story of events over a span of 40 years that will leave readers breathless and wondering how Rudd was able to evade accountability for so long. In the midst of the madness also lies a story of redemption and triumph as the family overcomes the dysfunction of their early tumultuous life.”

Feeling Guilty

While there was certainly nothing that I could have done, had I known, I still felt guilt that I didn’t know and help my old neighbors and friends.

What this truly evil man did to the lives of so many was unreal. Reading the book was painful to me as I knew the people involved.

A Must-Read Memoir

Get your copy of this book today or find it onChicago Tribune and the Daily Herald.

There is also an episode on Investigation Discover-American Monster called “Who am I” that shares some of the details of this story. You have to read the book to get the full picture.

Where are they Today!

I’m happy to report that Lori and Cindy are both happily married and have beautiful families.

Peace and Love,

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  1. It just goes to show that you really never know what is going on. Thanks for sharing this! It makes me want to read their story.

    1. Isn’t that the truth! You should read the book it’s pretty mind blowing!

  2. That is wild! I can’t even imagine! Thank you for sharing this and your other stories. I really enjoy them!

  3. When I saw the tittle, I had to read ever word of your post. Such a sad story. I am happy to k ow the two girls are well and have families of their own.

    1. It’s a crazy story and they were very courageous to share it with the world.