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This is going to be a short post but I have something big to share!

I switch things around on my blog as much as I move the sofa in our family room – which is a lot!

Do you notice that my rug is missing? I took it to get it cleaned and it’s coming home today and no one is ever allowed to walk in my house with shoes again!! 🙂

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My Recipe Cards

My recipe cards have two new features that I want to share with you.

They are both things that can #1 help you and also help me!

Do you want this complete recipe? You can find it HERE

Yum Button

On my recipe cards, you will now see an orange button that says Yum next to it.

(I’m still trying to figure out why it’s bigger than my other button but I’ll get to the bottom of that at some point)

Yummly is a website where you can find thousands and thousands of recipes. They are mostly featured by creators like me.

You not only can find recipes, but you can also store them in your own file and create meal plans.

Some of the features are on paid plans but I use the FREE version.

The more my recipes get “Yummed” the better the chances of them being featured.

Even if you haven’t made the recipe, if it sounds good to you, I would appreciate you hitting the Yum button.

Fun Kitchen Gadgets


You will also see an Instacart button.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I love Instacart. It saves me money and time.

I don’t have to spend time at the grocery store. I don’t buy things that I really don’t need (that bag of potato chips or a chocolate bar).

You can have your groceries delivered or you can pick them up. I do both.

Getting things delivered when you’re really tight on time is a lifesaver. I pick them up when I’m going to already be out and about.

When you hit that Instacart button it populates the ingredients from the recipe (or DIY Project) and shares which stores near you have those items. It also knows the items you might already have in stock (like salt or sugar).

You can be an Instacart member for FREE or pay a monthly service charge (that’s what I do) to get FREE Delivery and discounted fees.

You can sign-up for Instacart HERE. I would love it if you use my referral code at the beginning of the sign-up process. My code is: LVOGELER196135

“Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom”

– Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Happy Holidays

If you are celebrating Easter or Passover, I hope your holiday is lovely!

I am thankful for each and every one of you every day of the year.

I have even more news that I’m sharing next week!! Stay Tuned!

Peace and Love,

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