Recollections #14 – Living the Dream

On the Move Again

When I was very pregnant with Kenny we went on walks trying to induce labor and a few streets away was a lovely neighborhood with big houses and large yards.

two story colonial home that I lived in in the mid 80's It was red when I owned it now it is beige

We talked about someday maybe being able to live in this neighborhood. It was one of the nicest neighborhoods (at the time) that was still within walking distance of town. It was in the little neighborhood school boundaries and had the feel of living in a more grand spot.

As Luck Would Have It

I was always looking at homes and we had a relator who lived behind us in our sweet little cape cod so she was always willing to take me to see homes that would be on the market in our town.

One day she called us to tell us that a house in the neighborhood we had dreamed of someday living, just had a tremendous price reduction.

The homes in that area were not allowed to put “For Sale” signs in their yard so we weren’t aware that it was even on the market.

We went over to see it and fell in love. It was the proper colonial-style home that I had always admired. It had five bedrooms, three baths, and a full basement. It was sitting on almost an acre of land.

This is what the house looked like when we bought it.

With the price reduction, it was something we could actually afford. It needed some work but I wasn’t afraid of that.

Because of the price reduction this house that had been on the market for months was now getting interest from other parties.

As luck would have it the couple who sold us our current home, also wanted the house. They had moved out to an area with very large homes on minimum 5 acre lots and they wanted to move back into town.

My Intuition

I’ve always had crazy intuition about so many things and 9 times out of 10 I’m right. One of those things was that when I walk into a house, I know whether or not I was going to live there. I knew that this house was going to be mine.

Our Advantage

We knew we couldn’t offer more money but we also knew that the couple who also wanted the house had a contingency on the sale of their current home. We made our offer with no contingency. I had faith our sweet little cape cod would sell quickly.

We got the call that our offer was accepted and the house was ours. Our little cape cod sold in one day.

Kenny’s 1st Birthday Party


We celebrated Kenny’s 1st birthday in our new house on September 24, 1985. The dream of owning a house in that neighborhood someday came way quicker than we ever expected.

Looking back!

It’s funny the things we do to try to fix our problems. We bought a bigger house that needed work so that would keep me busy. I was a stay-at-home mom with a young child. I was going to make this house a home and fill the five bedrooms with kids!

I was determined to make this work!

Peace & Love,

Some of My Favorite Things

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