Lynn’s Recollections & Reflections #16 – My Sister

I’m not talking about what happened after #15 for a while. Yes, I’m keeping you hanging and reading!

I Have a Sister

Most people celebrate milestones birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, etc., But we don’t celebrate some other human experiences the same way or look at milestones in a different way.

I have a sister and sixty-six years ago last week, my sister became a big sister! WOW

My sister is my only sister and together we are sisters to two younger brothers.

Our Relationship

My sister is somewhat older than me and when she went away to college, I was only 11 years old.

My Sister in College

I don’t have a lot of memories of when we were young. I’m sure I wanted to follow her and her friends around and she didn’t want anything to do with that.

When she got married, I wasn’t her favorite person. I was going through my crazy high school years which you can read about in Recollections #6 & #7 🙂 Our lives were so different. I was still a child and she was an adult who was getting married.

Once We Were Both Married

Once we were both married, we became much closer. We were both wives and she and her husband moved back to our hometown from southern Illinois.

We both have a love of making our homes beautiful and we bonded over design, vintage, and my love of being crazy Auntie Lynn to her two kids.

Heading to the Flea Market

For many years when we were going through our “country home” period, we would head to the monthly Kane County Flea Market. At that time it was only open one Sunday a month during the summer/fall months and we were regulars.

We would get up at the crack of dawn and I would pick her up on the way. We would drive 45 minutes south to be there when the gates opened at 6 a.m.!

One of the things I bought there many years ago and still have to this day is an antique armoire. It’s probably one of my favorite possessions as it’s been through most of my adult life with me, just like my sister

Family & Friends

We spent a lot of time together as a family. As families go, we are pretty close. Except for my brother Scott and his family, we all lived in pretty close proximity to each other. Scott and family made it a point to be home every other Christmas so we could all be together.

Laurie and I and our spouses, spent a lot of time together and had many mutual friends. We went through fazes where we had game nights and happy hour nights. I have a vague recollection of a Long Island ice tea night!!

Making potato sausage for Christmas is an annual event and when our parents were still alive it was always held at their house. Once my Dad got sick and moved into a nursing home and my Mom moved in with Laurie, we switched between my and my brother Steve’s house each year.

After our Dad passed away we started having summer family vacations. We did it for a few years but the older our kids got and started to have lives of their own, the harder it was to all get together.

Moving Away

After my sister and her husband retired, they decided to sell their home and move to Tennessee. For many reasons including being closer to their kids.

I completely understand why they would want to leave our crazy Chicagoland weather and do what was right for their family.

However, I was heartbroken!

My friend since birth had moved away and was no longer a quick drive away.


Laurie and family were here recently to celebrate the engagement of my son Kenny and his future wife Mila.

We also unexpectedly and unfortunately celebrated the life of our sister-in-law’s sister who left this earth very unexpectedly and way too early.

Those kinds of events bring into perspective how fragile life is and remind us that our time here is fleeting.

So this past week on my birthday, I celebrated my sister who has been there for me for sixty-six years. Through thick and thin.

Remember to celebrate those you love not just on the milestones but on the ordinary days of life!

Every day we are alive is a celebration.

Today I’m sending peace and love to all of you who follow along on my little journey called life. I celebrate you!

Peace & Love,

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