Do You Use the Same Christmas Decorations Every Year?

How many of you have Christmas decorations that are the same every year? “Handy” and I both grew up in a home where the same ornaments and decorations had the same home every year.

As we got older we could decorate our house without much parental supervision because we knew where everything belonged.


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I thought that maybe I had completely gypped my kids out of the thrill and skill of Christmas decorating, as I am the only one who decorates the house and it’s different every single year. I’m happy to report that they have learned from observation. Annie’s tree and holiday decor in Dallas is exquisite. Emma’s tree in her apartment in Chicago is amazing!

My Every Changing Christmas

I wish I had pictures of my trees from before the age of digital because I had some beautiful trees that were filled with magnificent DIY decor. I can’t remember them all but one year I had a tree covered with magnolia flowers and leaves. Another year I made dried flower nosegays that covered our tree. I handmade at least 50 of them. I’ve had gold trees and silver trees. I’ve also had the traditional hallmark ornament tree.

I do however have pictures of some of the trees from the recent past.

Come with me as I take a trip down Christmas Tree memory lane!

Oh! Christmas Tree!

Holiday Prep
Christmas 2020 – Simple Natural Green & White

This tree is one of my favorites. I love this tree that I got from King of Christmas. It is simple and natural. I love that it reminds me of my grandma’s tree.

My grandparents were farmers who lived in Wisconsin. My Grandpa would go out into a wooded area and chop a tree down right before Christmas and it would get brought in and decorated with simple decorations.

My kids call this my “Charlie Brown” Tree and I just love it!

Christmas Tree 2019
Christmas 2019 – Blue Christmas

In 2019 I stuck with my Blue Christmas theme of 2018 but I toned down the blue a bit. I traded out the blue plaid ribbon for a more natural burlap ribbon. “Handy” made some chippy white candle holders from an old house column and I wanted to base my theme on them.

I brought the formality of the previous year’s tree down with the ribbon and steered it towards a more natural farmhouse look. I also finally perfected the art of layering the tree. The base of the decorating starts with picks of greenery. They add depth and a more natural look to the tree. Next is the ribbon that you have to tuck and weave so it doesn’t just lay on the branches. Last is the ornaments.

Christmas 2017
Christmas 2018 – Original Blue Christmas

In 2018 we had painted our wall from a light green color to the blue in my kitchen so I wanted a blue tree theme. I originally was going to combine rose gold and blue but ended up just sticking with blue. I found some great blue plaid ribbons from PaperMart. It’s my go-to place for ribbon and wrapping paper. I have to say, I was not crazy about this tree.

Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017 – Rose Gold Christmas

Our tree in 2017 was such a pretty tree but had a very formal look. It was a rose gold theme and I went rose gold nuts that year. We had rose gold plate chargers, stemware, and even cutlery on the table. I bought anything and everything that was rose gold at HomeGoods!

Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016 – White Christmas

Christmas 2016 was the year of the all-white tree. I started with just lights on the tree and contemplated leaving it that way. No one was having it. I believe this is the year that I found the white snowflakes at the Dollar Tree. I’ve used them every year since. They aren’t on our family room tree this year but they are on my hall tree and the tree in my bedroom.

Christmas Wrapping

This is the only picture that shows gifts wrapped under the tree. As you can probably guess, I coordinate my gift wrap with each of my trees. This year it will be brown Kraft paper and natural twine string.

While I enjoy changing up my tree every year, there is so much to be said about the tradition and sentiment of the same holiday tree each year. They are filled with memories of gifted ornaments, handmade treasures, souvenirs from vacations and so much more. Whatever it is that makes your heart glow during the holidays, I think that is the perfect decor!

How to Change Up Decor without Breaking the Budget

I often get asked how can I change my theme every year without a huge Christmas Budget. The truth is I don’t spend much money at all. Here are my tricks:

  • If you look closely you will see that all of my trees have a white base. The snowflakes that I use every single year, were bought at the Dollar Tree.
  • I add color typically with ribbon that I purchase from PaperMart, Amazon, or my local hobby store.
  • I plan my themes a year in advance and at the end of each season I shop for new additions.
  • Thrift stores are your friends when it comes to updating your Christmas decor.
  • I almost exclusively use Kraft Paper for color-coordinating wrapping paper. It’s inexpensive and comes in so many colors.
  • In my office, I wrapped some empty boxes with leftover wallpaper from the room that I put under the office tree each year to year to provide cohesiveness in that space.
  • I rotate my existing ornaments and decor. Things look different when they are in a different spot, on a different tree, or in a different room.

This year my theme is “White Christmas” and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Peace, Love, and Christmas Blessings!

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