Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #21 – Fixer Upper

Becoming a Single Mom

Once I could finally move Kenny out of the house without an issue, I had a plan.

Having always looked at homes in the area that were for sale, I had a great relationship with my realtor neighbor.

She was keeping her eye out for a place for us to land and she had the perfect situation already in mind when I was ready and able to move.

my farmhouse on Raymond ave in Barrington

My New House

She found a home that was still in the school district for Kenny to maintain consistency.

There were currently renters in the house and the landlords (also realtors) were evicting them.

They were willing to rent to me with an option to buy. This was a perfect situation since I would own our marriage house when the divorce was final. I would be able to sell that house and purchase this sweet little farmhouse with little to no mortgage.

Fixer Upper

When you move into a home where the current residents were renters who got evicted, you can imagine the condition of the house.

Hard work didn’t scare me and I wanted to make it completely my own so it was a great situation for me.


Somewhere I have pictures of this time in my life. When I find them, I will fill in the blanks with photos.

Not Living in A Home You Own

Agreeing to the house as my settlement with my ex turned out to be a complete mistake.

  1. He lived in the house and had no incentive for it to sell or sell for what it was worth.
  2. I wasn’t educated by my council on the ramifications of getting a piece of property that he knew needed to be sold as a settlement. (Capital Gains Taxes in the 80’s)
  3. Every home I lived in before sold in days so I felt comfortable signing a rent-to-buy agreement for 6 months. When the 6 months were getting close and the house wasn’t selling, I had to take an offer I wasn’t comfortable with so that I wouldn’t lose my current house that I had made into a home for me and Kenny.

Our Sweet Little House

I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into our new house.

It was the original dairy in our town and had been moved from downtown to a quiet little side street.

While it had all the charm of an old house, it was sitting on a brand-new basement foundation. The HVAC was new and most of the electrical had been updated.

Behind the house was a large new two-car garage with a second story above it that I envisioned as being my design studio one day.

Still in School

I was still going to school full-time when I moved into this house and it became one of my design projects. Most of my plans were done. Some of the design was just a dream that was never realized. You can see all of my plans HERE.

I loved this little house that I had made into a home for me and Kenny. It was perfect.

Peace & Love,

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