Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #30

Where Did We Leave Off?

Oh! I remember!

“Handy” and I got married and we began our life in his small bachelor pad house. A home that never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would stay.

The home that I owned with just Kenny and I was bigger than this house.

Maybe We Should Have Discussed

While it never dawned on me that we would stay in this house, it never dawned on “Handy” that we would move.

His parents lived in the same house their whole life and he assumed he would do the same thing. I on the other hand hadn’t lived in one place for more than a few years.

We probably should have discussed this before we were married!

Lynn and Keith in the summer of 1993 at a wedding

Making it Home

Since he wasn’t budging and I couldn’t imagine living in this house “as is”, I began what has turned out to be a marriage-long remodeling of this house.

The first thing we did was tear up the awful beige (now dirty brown) carpet that was in the whole house (including the bathrooms) and replace it all with hardwood flooring.

new fireplace with bookcases flanking it before it was painted white

We also took out a window and put in a fireplace and then “Handy” built beautiful bookshelves to flank both sides. This would be just the first of many projects to come.

A Baby on The Way

While all this work was going on I found out in October of 1993 that we were expecting a baby.

We were both pretty surprised. I had told Keith that I wanted more kids but didn’t know if I could as I had what was called secondary infertility after Kenny was born. I had been through fertility treatments and never got pregnant. He was OK with whatever happened.

The interesting thing was that the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me but there were some issues with my ex. Funny how someone can be controlling enough to make you believe that you are to blame.

Interestingly enough all I had to do was change sperm donors and three months after we were married at the age of 36, I was expecting a little girl.

Annie's baby nursery with pink and white floral wallpaper and a white crib draped in lace

Thus began the process of turning our third bedroom into a beautiful little girls’ nursery for the baby I had been praying for. Kenny would be 10 years old when she was born.

Peace & Love,

Things I’m Loving from Target for A Simplified Winter Home

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  8. Living with the Devil
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  10. The Wedding
  11. Newlyweds and 2 New Houses
  12. A Baby
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  19. Do Your Homework
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  29. Becoming a Grandma

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