Top Ways to Update Your Kitchen in 2024 on a Budget

There are many ways to update your kitchen and make a big impact on a budget.

I’m in the process of planning an update for my kitchen.

I will share my vision as well as give you additional tips that will work in most kitchens.

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The Kitchen Update

Giani Marble Countertop Paint

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Update Ideas

  1. Replacing your cabinet doors with new hardware will give them an updated look on a small budget. Trending in 2024 is gold, brass, or matte black. As long as your current cabinet holes are the same, it’s a great way to update the kitchen.
  2. Giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint is transforming and doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  3. Painting your kitchen island or your upper cabinets or lower cabinets a different, updated paint colors; I’m thinking Sherwin Williams SW6239 Upward SW9130-Everygreen Mist, or SW7666-Fleur de Sel
  4. If you want to update your kitchen cabinets without the cost of custom cabinets, consider having your boxes painted and replacing the door and drawer fronts.
  5. While I don’t have any in my kitchen I’m still loving open shelving.
  6. Replacing your stainless steel kitchen sink with a new sink is an instant upgrade. Copper and natural stone are all the rage right now.
  7. A new faucet to match your updated hardware is also a great way to update your space.
  8. New lighting fixtures.
  9. If your kitchen appliances are old you might consider replacing them with energy-efficient appliances as it will save you money in the long run.
  10. Paint your countertops. I’ve seen beautiful transformations to a faux marble finish with Giani Carrara White Marble Expoxy Countertop Kit.
  11. If you have space for an island but don’t have one, have you considered a fun dresser from Facebook Marketplace and then get a piece of countertop made for it? Don’t underestimate a laminate countertop. They aren’t the countertops of our parents.

All of these countertops are available at Home Depot

Calcutta Marble Laminate Countertop
Birch Solid Wood Butcher Block Countertop
Absolute Black Granite Countertop
Calcutta Gold Quartz Countertop

Quick Weekend Updates

  • Declutter your kitchen and move around the things on your countertops
  • Create a little coffee bar in a corner of your space
  • Install a hanging rod for pretty pots, coffee mugs, or dish towels
  • Paint your backsplash
  • Replace curtains with fresh new ones
  • Put out a bowl with fresh lemons and limes.
  • Add some fresh flowers or house plant
  • Use a cake stand for cooking condiments
  • Replace your kitchen towels

My Current Kitchen

Our kitchen had a major renovation about 10 years ago. I had a very small kitchen with limited storage space. My old flooring was yellowing, chipped old tile. The cabinets were originally a very dark oak that I painted white so I could live in my kitchen until we were able to replace them.

You can read about my small-scale kitchen remodel that I did with my original kitchen to make it very livable until we were able to renovate HERE.

We planned and saved for our dream kitchen for 20 years. The wait gave us time to really thoughtfully design our kitchen.

Even though I’m an interior designer, we still had a kitchen designer look at my plans before we made the investment. He made just a few minor changes to my plan but they made my kitchen so much more functional.

During Kitchen Renovations!

We more than doubled our kitchen space and I’m still in love with my white cabinets and black island. We extended the hardwood floors that were in the rest of our home into our kitchen.

What I Would Have Done Differently

  • Made my island one level. At the time of our renovation, we still had kids at home so the idea of bumping up the island behind my sink and making it a bar area made sense. I now would kill for that one level large space to do projects and video my process while cooking. Who would have guessed 10 years ago that I would be doing what I’m doing now?
  • I would have made all of my lower cabinet drawers. We only have a couple that are doors but they rarely get used. Drawers are my #1 kitchen design suggestion if you are ever getting new cabinets.

My Kitchen Update Ideas

Now that our kitchen is 10 years old, I want to give it a little bit of a refresh.

Without making major changes the goal is to give it a more sophisticated look.

By replacing all of the brushed chrome cabinet hardware with brass it will make a dramatic difference.

It’s a small creative way to give your kitchen a new look.

Replacing my faucets and light fixtures is also on my list.

My living room and dining room are in the same space as my kitchen so I will also be replacing the light fixture above my dining room table.

Eventually, I want to upgrade my wood bar stools with some sleek brass chairs.

Timeless Kitchen Design

Don’t listen to anyone who says that white cabinets are passé. A white kitchen is a timeless, classic look, and so are sleek white countertops, especially quartz or marble.

And give me a white subway tile backsplash any day. I did a marble subway around my fireplace surround and I wouldn’t be mad if I had that white tile in my kitchen too.

Remember that kitchen design trends are just that TRENDS!

They come and they go. The look of your kitchen should reflect your personal style as well as function for your lifestyle.

Considering Major Kitchen Renovation?

If you want to do more than a refresh and give your kitchen a complete remodel, I have some suggestions.

  • Work with a kitchen designer. You can find them not only at any kitchen and bath showroom but also at your local big-box stores like Home Depot.
  • Research your kitchen appliances. Read the ratings and know that they are available in a very wide price range.
  • The same is true for kitchen countertops. There are so many options available. They all have their pros and cons and range widely in price.
  • Don’t be so quick to choose cabinet colors in the latest interior design trends. Chances are you are going to have to live with this for years to come.
  • The average kitchen remodel cost is around $25,000 but that can also fluctuate both lower and much higher, depending on the size of your kitchen and the extent of your renovation.
  • Once you have quotes for everything be sure to add a 10% buffer to the total cost for those unexpected costs like water damage that you were unaware of or termite damage.
  • If you’re working with a contractor, they should know this but always check with your city or village to make sure you have any necessary permits you might need.
  • A complete kitchen renovation is a large project (unless you have a “Handy”) and can take a long time. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of potentially having to live elsewhere for a time.

Your Kitchen Remodel Investment

I’m sure any real estate agent would tell you that updating your kitchen is typically a good investment that you should see returned if you ever sell your home.

For me, it was an investment in my happiness as well. I love to cook and spend time in my kitchen and to have it be a space that brings me joy was worth every penny.

Are you curious about what the kitchen trends are for 2024?

I know that I enjoy looking at what the latest thing is in home design.

While I’m not one to follow trends, It’s fun to see what people are doing.

I’ve mentioned a few already but here are a few more.

  • Wood Cabinetry is back; along with a blend of materials
  • Gold Fixtures
  • Show-Stopping Range Hoods and Coffee Bars
  • Slab Backsplashes
  • Sinks as I mentioned before in stone, textured copper, marble, polished brass, and black sinks
  • Hidden pantries (Think secret doors)

The Heart of the Home

Another kitchen and home trend that I’ve been seeing is moving away from the open-concept living space.

That may work for some but I can’t even imagine.

Our kitchen is the heart of our home and even when it was a little 9′ x 9′ box, everyone was always in the kitchen.

I love that the kitchen is in the center of our home and that family and friends can be with us when we are cooking.

Whether they are watching TV in the Living Space or playing a game at the dining room table, I enjoy being a part of the activities.

No matter what the style of your kitchen is, I hope that I’ve inspired you if you are looking for a change.

Peace and Love,

If you’re looking for more kitchen inspiration, please visit my Designer friends.




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  1. Lynn I love your mood board and cannot wait to see the changes you make. Your kitchen still looks gorgeous but I understand the want of making a few changes just to keep it fresh. I really enjoyed seeing the view from your kitchen to the living room – how gorgeous!!! You had so much info in this post – I learned a lot!

    1. Thank you so much for starting our little Designing Women group. I’m having so much fun sharing my passion.

  2. Hi Lynn, I loved reading about all of your ideas and how you renovated this gorgeous space. All of it is so lovely. Thank you for sharing such a great post!

  3. Lynn I love all your practical advice! Great detailed points for tackling a kitchen remodel. And I love your pretty, cozy kitchen!

    1. Thank you Sheri – I really enjoy kitchen design and was always one of my favorite spaces when I was working with clients.

  4. I love this post. So much great information. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you Renae – I’m so anxious to update my kitchen.

  5. Great post, Lynn! I love all of your budget-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas, tips, and suggestions. And I can hardly wait to see your new updates!

    1. Thanks Kristy – I can’t wait for it to be completed!

  6. Your kitchen is beautiful Lynn, I especially love the gold hardware with the pretty white cabinets.

    1. I’m loving the gold hardware too! Now if I could get “Handy” to put up more than just one corner of the room.

  7. All the ideas are worth following! Keep sharing helpful and informative posts like this!