What is the Value of Your Dining Room Table?

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We recently sold our dining room table and when it was leaving the house I asked myself “What is the value of your dining room table?”. The answer was priceless. I didn’t realize how sentimental I would be about my table until it was leaving my house. I started thinking about all the things that happen around the dining room table. Ordinary meals, special occasion meals, holidays, games, cards, puzzles, homework, projects, and for us the generations-long tradition of homemade potato sausage.

Value of Our Table

I’ve made a new blogging friend and her blog name is “Feet Under My Table” and as she names her blog what she did “Because life is all about the feet that are under my table”. I couldn’t agree with her more.

I started looking through pictures to see what I had captured at that table. We probably have the most pictures of our kids and their cousins making Swedish potato sausage around that table. It’s a tradition that I grew up with and my kids have grown up with. I think they enjoy potato sausage night more than any other “holiday”. It’s a “holiday” where no gifts are involved, just time together with good food, good company and lots of drinks!

I also have so many pictures of the table when it’s ready for everyone to sit down and eat a delicious meal that we’ve all helped prepare.

holiday table

Pictures of the ordinary were the rarest. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle, playing monopoly, hand, and foot, or Catan. No pictures of just sitting at the table after the meal is over and exchanging lively conversation. There weren’t any pictures of the hundreds of school projects that were assembled at that table. Sometimes by Mom late into the night after the kids have gone to sleep. I have sewed at that table and have worked from home at that table. I have fond memories of our parents who are no longer with us, at that table.

A New Home for Our Dining Room Table

When we sold the table on FaceBook marketplace, and we got so lucky. It went to a family with three kids and we got to meet all of them. The kids were out in the yard with me to meet our chickens and our little dog Molly. I’m so glad that it was more than an exchange of money and a table. I got to know a little bit about them. I know it went to a good home. Shortly after they got our table back to their place, they sent me a picture of it in their house. It filled my heart to know that our dining room table continues to have life and value to another family.

My New Table

Tomorrow we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at our new dining room table. Our neighbors and friends for the last 28 years are moving at the end of the week. We will share our last meal with them as Residents of Park Drive. Just like everything in life, things change. Just like the feet under our table. But each and every change just adds value………

St. Pat's Tablescape

Peace and Good Luck,

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  1. Keith aka handy says:

    wow! that new table is beautiful, who made it????

    1. Funny! Everyone can read your comment “Handy”

  2. Such a wonderful post. And the table setting is beautiful. I’m now ordering cabbage napkin rings
    Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Renae –
      Thanks for being a loyal reader! Aren’t those rings fun. I got them at Pier1 when they were a store. I think you can still order on-line.

  3. Leslie Watkins says:

    Lynn!!! I love this post! You spoke my heart all throughput this post. And, thank you for mentioning me in the midst of this beautiful post. What an honor and privilege. Pinning that beautiful tablescape. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank You Leslie – The minute I thought about writing this post, your blog popped into my head. I had to include you, it just fit. It truly is all about the feet under our tables!

  4. elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says:

    I love this! You are right, your table is priceless and it will be the same to the new family! How wonderful to have so many photos of your family around this table. I love the tables cape for your dinner party!

    1. Hi Elizabeth – I sent the new family the link to my post and they sent me some pictures of the family enjoying time around the table. I feel like a foster mom who sent a little one off to live with their forever home 🙂

  5. Kari Wagner Hoban says:

    Aww, I love this post. I love your table went to a family that will love it as much as your family did.
    Here’s to even more special moments around your new table.

    1. I sent them the link to my blog post and they sent me pictures of them all around the table. So sweet
      PS Loving your podcast. I’m hoping to post my first on me next week.

  6. I know the hard of moving on but usually it turns out good! With our moves there havebeen several tables we put our feet under. New tables but the heart is still there.

    1. I look at the whole journey as an adventure. How fun to not know what’s around the corner. Thanks so much for the kind words and reading my little blog.

      1. Dawn Cillo says:

        Your tablescapes are always so beautiful and just as beautiful with your new table. And just think how beautiful it will be on June! Can’t wait to see yard., bride and groom, and that table????

        1. Hi Dawn –
          You are always so sweet! I’m so glad that you are following along with my blog. I’m having so much fun with my tablescapes. However, I need to get started on the outside. Can you believe it’s only 13 weekends away. We also have a trip to Iowa for Emma’s graduation and a trip to Texas for Annie’s shower so time is ticking! I need to get busy.