13 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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13 Ways to Refresh your Home for Spring

Are you looking for some spring home decor ideas? Well, I have 13 ways to refresh your home for spring.

Spring Table with White ironstone pitcher in the center filled with white tulips for a spring refresh

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1. Purging, Cleaning, and Organizing

I always do a purge, deep clean, and organize in February. Along with many of my followers, we tackle the project of organizing our homes. It makes way for a spring refresh. Once you’ve purged things from your home it lightens up your space. Both physically and mentally.

Spring cleaning is so important. In February I’m still finding pine needles in my house so a deep cleaning of the whole house is a great way to have a clean home before the next season.

Christmas decorations are dirty and for us, the harsh winter brings a lot of mud, salt, and who knows into the house.

View of my living room with the white sofa against the window, a chair to the right and a white coffee table in front. There is a blue and white rug on the floor, blue and white pillows and a throw on the sofa. Moved all the furniture around as a refresh for spring

2. Refresh a Room by Moving the Furniture

I’m always moving the furniture in our home.

It not only changes the look and gives it a refresh but it also the perfect opportunity to clean under the sofa and chairs and when I know the house is really clean, it just brightens my day. It’s also a FREE way to get a new look.


a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be

3. Add Greenery to your Home

Ceramic pot with a shamrock plant in it and a MacKenzies Child Rabbit hanging from the pot

In the spring, I always splurge on a few new house plants but I also use faux greenery to give everything a fresh outdoor feel.

I especially like to use greenery on my bookshelves in spring. It is a really simple way to refresh a space. I love adding plants to our living space. I don’t have much of a green thumb so any plant that I had from the previous year has not survived.

Our local nursery just had an indoor plant sale and I got three plants for $15. That is a deal that I really like at this time of year.

Try something different like a green plant as a centerpiece on your dining table.

We sometimes overlook the dining room but let’s not forget to refresh that space as well. Plants have a way of making a space feel alive.

4. A Fresh Coat of Paint

This is also the time of year when sometimes a room in my house needs a fresh coat of paint. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten and freshen up a room.

The walls in my great room are blue but they a looking a little dull. A fresh coat of paint is definitely in order soon. 

I recently painted a coffee table that I’ve had for years. It was black and I originally wanted to sell it but it’s large and has a big drawer for storage. When we did a makeover of my office/den/guest bedroom for the spring 2022 ORC, I purged a bunch of games that we kept in the closet.

The old coffee table was the perfect size to house the ones that we kept. However, I really didn’t want the black table in our neutral living room. A couple of coats of white paint was a great way to make it new again. What a difference. I love it now.

5. Spring Decor

I’ve also added a light garland to the fireplace mantel. I cute little bunny tucked into the vine, a bird’s nest and some sweet birds add the perfect little touch to the space.

Spring Refresh with some light faux greenery on the mantel and brass candle sticks with white candles

Last year I wrote a post about freshening up my front porch for spring. You can read about that HERE

I feel like I go all out for Christmas so when the spring decor comes out, I really do keep it to a minimum. However, I like a few pastel spring decorations. It makes those dreary days that we still have to endure a bit more bearable.

Now that you’re in the spring decor inspiration mood, you have to check out my “Whimsical Spring Mantel”. You can find it HERE

Coffee table with a vintage toy pick-up truck with some fabric carrots from target in the back of the truck all dressed for spring

6. Refresh your Lighting

I moved a lamp that was in my kitchen to a corner of my bookshelves and boy did that make a difference. 

a small table lamp on in the corner of a shelf in the living room. Using mood lighting to refresh for spring

Bringing a floor lamp from my office and putting it in a corner next to my favorite reading chair also changed the look of the room. I personally prefer table and floor lamps for mood and task lighting to overhead lighting. Overhead lighting is just too harsh for my taste. 

Another spring thing that I do every so often is buy new lampshades. After a while, no matter how clean you are, lampshades just get nasty and need to have a fresh new shade, especially if you like crisp white shades as I do. It gives your light fixture a whole new look.

I will admit that I miss the little lamp that I took out of the kitchen so I will definitely be on the hunt for a replacement. Again, that little lamp in the corner of my kitchen countertops, just adds something to the space. Goodwill, I’m on my way!!!

7. Fresh Spring Flowers

We have a ways to go before we see tulips outside. Buying some fresh flowers from your local grocery store is an easy way to add spring to your home. I’m a sucker for tulips, roses, and especially ranunculus (when I can find it). I’m so lucky to have a Trader Joe’s that’s close by and I’m probably one of their biggest fans. At least I like to think so. 

pink cottage roses in white ironstone pitcher a beautiful way to refresh your home for spring

Their flowers are so affordable and fresh that I splurge almost every week for a bunch or two. I’ve even used Trader Joe’s flowers for two weddings last year. Our daughter Annie’s Wedding is HERE and my niece Danika’s Wedding is HERE.

beautiful spring flowers at Trader Joe's

8. Add Fragrance

Once my home is clean and organized I love to add a fragrance to a room. You can do that with candles or essential oils in a diffuser. It’s one of my favorite ways to add another layer of freshness to my space. My signature scents are lemon and lavender for my diffuser. I’m also in love with this jasmine and mint candle.

one of my favorite candles for a refresh your home for spring

9. Naked Windows

Having a window free of window treatments or shades is a great way to literally let the light shine. Having bare windows is a perfect way to let natural light into your home.

fresh flowers looking out the window

If your home isn’t conducive to not having window treatment, it’s a good time to take your drapery down and wash or dry clean them for a fresh start.

10. Swapping out Your Area Rugs

I love to switch my area rugs around the house is something that I also like to do to freshen up my space. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create a whole new fresh look.

my neutral living room refreshed with blue pillows and throws, fresh flowers and new house plants

If I had a space for a gallery wall, I would have seasonal pieces that I could swap out for each change of season.

Since I don’t I use my Frame TV to swap out my artwork each season. I’m loving the new spring art that I’ve bought from Etsy.

12. New Pillows and Throws

Switching out my pillows and throws gives a whole new look to the space. I typically use blue and white but what if you added yellow to the blue and white, floral prints, or a cute tapestry multi-colored pillow like the one that I found at HomeGoods? Adding a pop of color is what we all need while we are waiting for warmer weather.

I also got a light blue throw from Target. Even though it’s cable knit, the color just screams spring to me. 

I have a new system with my throw pillows. I’m only purchasing pillow covers. 

That way I can keep all of my pillow covers neatly stored in a single basket in a closet and I only keep one set of the size pillow inserts that I use most often. What a space saver. 

My throws also have a new home. I made a throw hanger with an old piece of wood and some vintage-look hooks. It’s the perfect place to house the throws that we use all year round.

13. Bring the Outside In

As soon as the spring blooming trees start to bloom, I cut a few branches and bring them inside.

White enamel pitcher with spring branches on a coffee table in front of a white sofa with blue pillows on it. Simple blue and white patriotic decor

It minds me that a new season has begun and in this case the beginning of the time when the world is waking up and I can get out into my garden.

Happy Spring!

You won’t want to miss all of the amazing bloggers below who are also sharing their organizing and refreshing ideas with us.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Sue Osborne says:

    Your post today was exactly the inspiration I needed! Moving the furniture is something I have been doing over and over- can’t seem to get it right, lol. One thing I am going to try is just removing some things altogether.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Susan –

      I’m so glad that I could be inspiring! You just made my day. That is the whole goal of all of this 🙂

  2. Lynn, I love that rug! Your home is really so lovely – I could take some cues from you! Thanks for sharing your spring refreshing ideas. Pinned ????

    1. I’m hoping the blue & white rug things rubs off 🙂

  3. I love these ideas so much! I have you featured on the Wonderful Wednesday blog hop this Wednesday at My Homier Home. Have a great day!

    1. I’m honored Christin, thanks so much!

    1. You are so welcome! I just love all of your tablescapes and I’m just loving your spring decor in your home!

  4. Lynn, my neighbors love when they know I am organizing and purging. They are like “hey let I see what is going to the thrift store first”. Many times, things don’t make it there. LOL I love how you change out your rugs. After the basement is done in two more weeks, I will have storage to hold some extra rugs. A great idea to use lighter ones in the spring and summer.

    1. What a great idea to let the neighbors know when I’m purging. It might save me trips to Goodwill. I give away really nice stuff 🙂 We have hardwood floors in our whole house so I have quite a collection of rugs. I brought one to Dallas for Annie & Tommy and Emma has one in her apartment in Chicago and I still have a “collection”. Changing the rug changes the whole look of a space.

  5. Thanks for so many great tips to refresh our home for Spring! Everything looks beautiful, and I’m excited to bring out my Spring decor!

    1. Thank you Donna! I can’t wait to read through everyone’s posts.

  6. Oh Lynn, I am absolutely craving spring, and in Iowa we are expecting a winter storm tonight and tomorrow that will bring 6-9 inches of heavy wet snow. ????

    I can will live vicariously through your lovely fresh designs until real spring some to Iowa.

    1. Hi Niky – I’m in Illinois so your storm is heading our way next. We’ve had a crazy mild February and it had me thinking early spring but we should know better 🙂

  7. Oh Lynn, I just love your house! I is always so fresh and bright looking! Full of your personality. So many great tips — amazing how moving the lighting around can make such a big difference!

  8. What great ideas Lynn! I especially love the naked windows and the moving the furniture around. I’m going to give this a try for the summer.

    1. I move my furniture all the time. I get bored with it in the same place all the time.

  9. I’m inspired with all you great ideas Lynn, and so ready to start refreshing our whole house. First on my list is new candles and a couple new plants!

    1. A new candle and a new house plant can go a long way to making your whole house feel refreshed! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  10. Lynn, your home is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many great tips for refreshing our homes for spring. You’ve inspired me!

    1. Thank you Kim – I’m anxious for nicer weather so keeping busy in the house, moving furniture is a great distraction.

  11. Lynn, your home looks so pretty and fresh. I change out my furniture and move my living room all the time. It really does make a difference! Loving both of your rugs. And fresh flowers always make me smile and the house smell good. Love all these spring ideas and can not wait to finish sprucing up my home for Spring.-Meagan

    1. Thank you, Meagan! I’m anxious for it to be nicer outside so getting my house ready for spring, helps during these dreary days of winter.