37 Easy Bedroom Organization Ideas

Having an organized bedroom is essential to getting a good night’s sleep, therefore I have 37 easy bedroom organization ideas.

Instead of having your bedroom be the place where you put all of the things you don’t have a place for in the rest of your house, let’s make it a sanctuary for you to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

picture of an organized nightstand on of the 37 easy bedroom organizing ideas
A Clean Organized Bedroom – Your Sanctuary

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Week 2 – Bedroom Organization

Today is the start of week 2 and we are organizing bedrooms if you are following along in order.

It’s been my experience that our bedrooms tend to become catch-alls for things that we don’t have a home for in the rest of our house.

The Rule about Having a Home for Everything

One of the rules of organizing is; that if it doesn’t have a home, you need to reevaluate the necessity of that item.

This week we are going through everything in the bedroom space and deciding if it needs to be thrown, donated, sold, or saved.

Here are 37 ideas for helping to organize the things you are saving in your bedroom

picture of a clean and organized closet

37 Easy Bedroom Organization Ideas

Closet & Dresser Organization

  1. Slim Hangers
    • Matching slim hangers allow you to fit more clothes in your closet
  2. Shoe Boxes
    • Shoe Boxes keep your shoes organized and you can stack the boxes
  3. Closet Organizers
    • There are so many different closet organizing options and all different price points. I’ve used California Closets, HomeDepot Systems, Elfa Systems, and IKEA Systems and we’ve also made our own.
  4. Door hooks
    • Door hooks work well for robes and daily used towels
  5. Shoe Organizers
    • Over door or hanging shoe organizers are a great way to use vertical space to the max.
  6. Shelf Dividers
    • I love shelf dividers. They keep the items on your shelves in their own space
  7. Hanging closet Organizers
    • You can find hanging organizers for shoes, sweaters, and more
  8. Folding Clothes – Kondo Method
    • I’m a huge fan of folding my clothes the Marie Kondo method. I can fit more things in my drawers and I see every piece of clothing.
  9. 6 Month Rule
    • When I’m cleaning my closet or dresser, if I have something I’m having a hard time parting with, I turn the hanger the wrong way, if I haven’t worn it in 6 months, it gets donated. In my dresser, I do the same thing only house all the “maybes” in a separate drawer.
  10. Re-evaluate clothing often (each season)
    • Put it on your calendar to go through your clothes every season
  11. Throw torn or permanently stained clothing away
    • I’m terrible about throwing old clothes away because I do a lot of projects that ruin my clothes but I don’t need 20 old items. 2 tops, 2 shorts, and 2 sweats are more than plenty.
  12. Store out-of-season clothing in bins
    • If you don’t have room to store all of your clothing in your closet, store your out-of-season clothing in a bin (mark it appropriately) (This can be under-bed storage). Ours goes in the attic.
  13. Hamper that fits in a closet
    • Having a hamper in your closet, if possible is a great way to keep clutter off your floor space
  14. Utilize vertical space (armoires, tall boy dressers)
    • If your room is small, you should try to use vertical storage for more space
  15. Drawer Dividers
    • Having drawer dividers forces you to stay organized and keep your clothes in their correct spot
  16. Jewelry Organizer
    • Keeping your jewelry organized helps you know what you have and also keeps it from getting lost (a huge problem for me)
  17. Put your dresser in your closet
    • If space is tight and you can fit it, put your dresser in your closet. Then all of your clothes will be in one location.

Bed Organizing

  1. Under bed storage
    • They make great under-bed storage that ranges from hard plastic rolling containers to zip-up under-bed soft-sided cubes.
  2. Suction Bags
    • I also use suction storage bags for my out-of-season clothing, bedding, and extra pillows. I store them under my bed, on a high shelve in the closet or in the attic.
  3. Raise your bed for additional under-bed storage
    • If you need to use more under-bed space, they make bed risers to give you some additional storage space. I used them for years.
  4. Bedside Storage Organizer
    • Bedside Storage Organizers are a great place to keep the TV remote, your book and electronics.
  5. Use a shelving unit as a headboard
    • Gain more storage in your headboard. This would be an especially good idea for book lovers.

Nightstand Organization

  1. Choose nightstands with lots of storage
    • A proper nightstand should ideally have a good amount of storage. It was years before I finally invested in two matching nightstands with 3 good-sized drawers. I don’t know how I loved without it.
  2. Use organizers in nightstand drawers
    • Drawers in nightstands can become catch-alls. Having drawer organizers help to give everything that should be in your nightstand a home.
  3. Medicine organizers
    • Having your medicine organized helps you keep on top of refills, properly dispose of medicines you no longer use, and can potentially prevent an overdose.
  4. Charging Station
    • If you keep your electronics in your room, having a charging station to organize and charge your equipment is important.

General Organization

  1. Baskets
    • I’ve never met a basket I didn’t like, baskets can become organizers in closets, on shelves, and next to beds. Baskets and organizing are beautiful things.
  2. Pillows in Baskets
    • If you have extra pillows on your bed for decor they can easily be put into a basket for nighttime storage
  3. Blankets in Baskets
    • I like to have a throw in my room for naps but a cute basket next to the bed is a great place to store them at night.
  4. Hang blankets on a ladder or blanket rack
    • No space for baskets? Then use your vertical space to hang extra blankets and throws
  5. Make-up Organize
    • If you keep your make-up in your room, having an organizing system is a great way to keep it tidy.
  6. Storage Bench
    • If you have space to put a bench at the end of your bed, make sure it can do double duty as storage. It’s a great place to stash other pillows and blankets.
  7. Shelves
    • Shelve and shelving units are a lovely way to store your jewelry, make-up, books and so much more
  8. Pegboards
    • Pegboard storage is genius for jewelry, toys, shoes, crafts items, and more
  9. Rolling Carts
    • I love rolling carts. You can use it for everything from a portable office to a place to store gift wrapping supplies. It can store toys or even clothes.
  10. We put a dresser in the unused space in our eaves. You can read all about it HERE
  11. Keep your surfaces uncluttered
    • Keep your surfaces as clean up as possible. Having an uncluttered space is calming

“Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care”

-Emma Scheib

An Organized Bedroom

As with every room, you want to start with emptying each space, sorting, cleaning, and re-organizing.

I hope your organizing is going well as you head into this next week. For me getting my bedroom in order at this time of year is exciting. I will be switching out my summer blanket for a warmer quilt.

The nights are cooler and I can’t wait to open the windows at night to sleep. I can’t wait for those nights in a clean, organized bedroom

a picture of my organized bed and nightstand

Bedroom Luxe

Bedroom Storage Solutions

For everyone who is organizing along with me, I’m so glad that you are on this journey. It’s so fulfilling and rewarding!

If you need any help along the way, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or email me at Lynn@livinglargeinasmallhouse.com. I’m here for you!


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  1. So many great tips! I need to start from scratch on my closet and I can use all of these tips and tricks, especially the clearing out. Have a wonderful weekend Kim.

    1. As crazy as it sounds, that’s my idea of fun! I would love to redo a closet!

  2. These are such great ideas, Lynn! There’s nothing better than a neat, organized closet. And I totally agree — all the hangers HAVE to match! :))

    1. When my closet is in order, I could stare at it all day. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. These easy bedroom organization ideas are pure genius! From clever storage solutions to smart decluttering tips, they make it a breeze to keep the bedroom tidy and functional. Grateful for the practical inspiration provided here.