How I Make My Home a Peaceful Sanctuary

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What are the things that I do to make my home a more peaceful sanctuary?  The first and most important thing I do is to make my bed each morning.  That may sound silly but it starts my day off on the right foot.  My bedroom is tidy and makes me feel ready for a new day!

I didn’t always make my bed. The old saying “you’re never too old to learn” is something I really believe.  One of my fabulous nieces came to stay with us for a month while she was waiting for her first “big girl” apartment to be ready.  She made her bed every morning.  While she was a wonderful house guest, it wasn’t something she was doing to please me.  She told me that she always made her bed and it gave her a sense of right with the world.  I thought maybe she was on to something.  She is a “glass is 7/8 full” kind of a gal!  I gave it a try and I have only missed a few mornings since then.

I can’t believe how many days of my life I missed having this fabulous feeling.  Little secret (it also makes your sheets feel like they are crisp and clean for a bit longer).

It is also very important to me that my home is tidy.  I get anxious when things are a mess.  You can imagine the anxiety levels I’ve had given that so many projects have happened in this house.  There are only a few things that are original to this house that I moved into in 1993.  When the kiddos were little it was much harder to keep everything in its place and I made my peace with that.  Now that they are grown, it tends to be easier to keep things where they belong. I also treat myself to cleaning help.  I say cleaning help because no one cleans the way I do and I do quite a bit of cleaning in between my every other week – cleaning help!

Organized Kitchen

For me, a home isn’t home without fresh flowers and I treat myself to them at least once a week.  My favorite place to buy flowers is Trader Joe’s. I also love candles and my diffusers!  What is the sense of a clean house if you don’t treat it to flowers and a great scent! My favorite candle is Mahogany Beach by Happy Little Flame.

peaceful flowers

On these cold, still, winter days, especially when it’s cloudy and dreary I love a crackling fire in the fireplace.  So to paint the picture; it’s a Saturday evening in February.  My bed was made this morning and the house was cleaned yesterday. I have some awesome flowers in just the right vase.  There are several candles burning and there’s a roaring fire in the fireplace.  I wrap myself in a comfy throw after I’ve poured myself a glass of wine.  I’m snuggled up with a good book while “Handy” watches a western he’s seen a million times. All is right with my world!

Cozy Fireplace

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next Monday!


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  1. Lynn I’m not sure if you are old enough to remember the commercial “Cat in take me away”,
    But that’s what I say when I go to sit down and read your blog. You transport to a different place and it’s now a place I like to visit often! Thanks

    1. Dawn –
      You are so kind. I just love you! Am I too old to remember “Calgon take me away” – You’re also funny! I’m probably older than you

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