2 Things That Completely Changed My Living Room

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I did two simple things that completely changed the look and feel of my living room.

I honestly thought that my living space was complete. It was complete in the sense that I had nice furniture, throw pillows, and drapes on the windows.

photo of my living space with GE Revel Light Bulb in a lamp
New GE Revel Light Bulb

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We Painted our Living Space

About a month ago, we painted the living space on our first floor. I fell in love with Sherwin Williams Color of the Year – Upward (SW6239).

The walls needed a fresh coat of paint and this color matched some newer fabrics I have in the space. Compared to the old color it’s a fresher, cooler blue. I love it!

Dollop of Sherwind Williams Upward SW6239

Adding a Few New Things

With this new paint on the wall, I wanted to make a few subtle changes. Well, my changes while so minor in the big scheme of things made a major difference in the space.

Window Treatment

My old window coverings were a sheer white panel on a black rod. Having changed out our chandelier in the dining room from a black fixture to a brass fixture, I wanted to also change the black curtain rod to a brass rod.

While I was at it, I wondered what some linen floral drapes would look like in the space. I ordered panels and I really thought that there was a good chance that I would be returning them. Boy was I wrong!

The curtains took the room from drab to fab! I would have never known if I didn’t try. The weight of the drapes and the added color just made the room feel more cozy and complete. They made the color in my newish pillow covers pop!

Change the Light Bulbs

Who would have thought that changing a light bulb could make such a big difference? I had been on a kick of having high-lumen bulbs which create a very white light. Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home introduced me to the GE Reveal Bulb. What a difference it makes.

It’s not a yellow light it’s more of a golden glow. I’m so attracted to dark and moody interiors (I wrote about it last week) but it doesn’t really lend itself to my home. The light bulbs however give me a moody glow that makes me happy.

Don’t be Afraid

The moral of this little story is to not be afraid to give something new a try. If you’ve been around here for any time, you know that I change things a lot. I get bored with things and I need to always be re-creating my home and my spaces. Even if it’s just rearranging my furniture or swapping out decor from one room to another.

If I could afford to I would be changing furniture and cabinets regularly but that is not my reality. Here are the things that you can change on a budget that makes a big impact.

  • Drapery Panels
  • Pillow Covers
  • Throw Blankets
  • Faux Flowers
  • Facebook Marketplace Pieces
  • Light Bulbs
  • New Candle Scent

In Conclusion

I’ve always said that if I could have ten different homes they would all be completely different. I love interior design and there is something to love about almost all design styles. My design style has changed many, many times over the years. I’m in a bit of transition again. Starting with my decision to purge some of my vintage collections at the beginning of the year to wanting to be a bit more minimal but a lot more cozy. It’s a work in process.

If you want to see even more transformation, HERE is a post about my living room in 2021.

I hope you enjoy following along for all of my journeys. It’s so much fun when I hear that I’ve inspired someone else to make some changes to their home that make them happy.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Your changes are perfect! The printed drapes and pillows perk up the living room. Been looking for new solid colored pillow for my space…..maybe I’ll start looking at something printed too!

    1. Hi Deb –
      I’m glad you think it’s a perfect change. I’m loving it. I didn’t think a print would add as much as it did.

  2. Oh Lynn, those curtains are fabulous!!! I love, love, love that print and always a sucker for linen. Way to go!!!

    1. I’m loving my curtains so much! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Wendy McMonigle says:

    I love the new curtains, Lynn!