Do you Want to Deep Clean Along with Me?

Do you want to deep clean along with me? It’s amazing how much dust Christmas decor can create and now I have a week of deep cleaning to look forward to.

It’s so funny how much you think you’re going to get done at the start of the day. It’s going on 4:00 pm on Monday and I’ve made progress but I still haven’t painted that frame for the mantle, made a loaf of bread for dinner, or finished folding all the clothes. I have however taken everything off of every shelf. Cleaning the shelves and dusted all the things! I’ve washed all my crystal that I keep out and it’s sparkling. The laundry is all washed and dried but again, not folded (Ha Ha)

Tomorrow is another day

Now that everything is dusted, tomorrow I will vacuum and mop all the floors. That to me is the best feeling in the whole world to have clean floors! I’m also going to wash all of my throw rugs. And then there are the clothes folding…… I might even have time for that fresh loaf of bread tomorrow? Later in the week, I plan to change all the bedding and finish a few projects that I have been planning. On Friday, I will treat myself to flowers. A completely clean house deserves fresh flowers!

Deep Cleaning Treat
After I finish cleaning, I always treat myself to Fresh Flowers

Deep Cleaning Takes Time

I don’t know why we put so much pressure on ourselves. I get so much done so quickly in my mind but in reality, it all takes time, especially to do it right. I also move things around (if you haven’t noticed) and that too takes me time. I move things, evaluate, and then move some more. Give yourself some grace, especially if you’re working and/or taking care of kiddos. You can break your deep cleaning into a room per week.

Cleaning Day Meals

As you guys know, I’m a fan of meal planning. When I planned out my meals for the week yesterday (Sunday), I specifically planned easy, healthy meals. Everything on my plan takes less than 15 minutes to prep.

  • Monday
    • Spinach Ravioli with Marinara Sauce (I made a huge pot a few weeks ago to have in the freezer
  • Tuesday
    • Baked Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potato Fries
  • Wednesday
    • Chili in the Crockpot
  • Thursday
    • Salmon and Broccoli with a Salad
  • Friday
    • Take-Out (Support our local restaurant) I will probably order fish again since I love fish and my family not so much!

Wrapping up the Week of Cleaning

I’m also going to get busy cleaning out my den which is filled with the vintage goodness that I’ve collected and I plan to sell. You will see my postings on Instagram I also will be posting them on FB Marketplace, my favorite place to sell my finds!

Deep Cleaning My Vintage Closet

I hope everyone has an amazing week.



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