Spring has Sprung on My Front Porch


Has spring come to your house? Spring has sprung on my front porch. Last week was the Greenhouse Edition and this week is the Front Porch Edition.

Even though we had 3 days of snow last week, I’m not letting it deter me from bringing on all the spring. Because the greenhouse and porch are protected, I can add pillows, throws, and spring flowers to those spaces.

photo of pink tulips with a white bench in the background

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Spring has Spring on My Front Porch

Taking down the last remnants of Christmas was the first order of business. The “Christmas Farmhouse” sign was replaced with the “Welcome to My Porch” sign. There were still some white winter twigs in my pots. Those also got removed and put away with the winter decor.

a portion of my porch that shows the "welcome to our porch sign", the white bench with a vintage brown little table in front of it. Next to it is a whitewashed two-step ladder with an IKEA lantern on the top rung. all a part of my spring has sprung - front porch edition

I washed my blue and white rag rug and bought a new front doormat! Places like HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning are perfect for these kinds of things. The prices are so reasonable that it makes replacing it every season a very affordable thing to do. This one cost me $10.

large blue and white rag rug with a door mat that says "home sweet home". Part of my spring has sprung - front porch edition.

“The Story of Easter is the Story of God’s Wonderful Window of Divine Surprise”

– Carl Knudsen

The Front Porch

A front porch is an entry to a home and it’s where you say to your family and friends “Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here”. Making my porch a welcoming space is important to me. We didn’t always have a porch. We needed a new roof back in 2017 and that new roof led to so many other things, including the front porch. You can read all about our “May as Well” remodel HERE.

White pot on front porch with forced bulb spring flowers. daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and pansies. Next to it is a wooden bunny, a vintage step stool and a vintage watering can on the seat. All part of my spring has sprung - front door edition

My Favorites for a Front Porch (or entryway)

  • Wreath on the Door
  • Flower Pot(s)
  • Some type of Statement
    • A cement urn or statue piece
    • A vintage basket
    • Vintage Watering Can
    • Lantern or Candle Holder
    • Welcoming Sign
  • Cheerful Door Mat
  • A Chair or Bench if possible
  • Good Lighting
Portion of my front porch which shows the amzing domed roof, brown wood front door with white white trim. There is a pot with spring bulbs on the right was well as a wooden rabbit, a vintage step stool with a vintage water can on the seat. To the left of the door is a portion of a white bench, a small two step ladder that has been white-washed with an IKEA lantern sitting on the top of the step-ladder.

A Spring front porch is an awaking! It’s the beginning of a season where the world is waking up again. Cleaning it up and planting beautiful spring bulbs is quite cathartic for me. Yes, spring has sprung on my front porch.

If you are celebrating a religious holiday this month, I share with you this time of reflection and reinforcement of our faith.


If you want to read about where I buy my vintage, you can find it HERE

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a pinterest graphic with a porch photo and an overlay that says "spring has sprung on my front porch"


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  1. Your porch looks beautiful. I still haven’t decorated mi e for spring. No snow today, so that’s a good sign.

    1. But you have your flowers in your window boxes. You are way ahead of me.

  2. Put a pot of coffee on and I’ll be right over! We can sit on your front porch and chat my friend! Hope you have a blessed Easter ???? Pinned!

    1. If only we were neighbors!