Spring has Sprung in My Greenhouse


Spring has Sprung in my Greenhouse! This is a two-part series of spring unfolding at this Small House. This week is the greenhouse edition and next week will be my front porch edition. These are the first two areas that can be safely decorated and ready for spring.

We officially can’t plant until May 15th which seems like an agonizingly long way away. Truth be told last year on May 15th, it wasn’t really a good day to plant either. Ultimately, it was more like the 20th when it was finally safe to put plants into my garden

spring flowers in a copper post. pink tulips, yellow daffodils, and blue hyacinth,

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Spring in My Greenhouse

It took a full day to clean out the greenhouse. There were a lot of old plants that needed to be dumped into the compost bin. There were also spider webs and dirt everywhere. I’m not sure how it got so full of excess stuff over the fall and winter. That being said, it now looks amazing!

Once it was cleaned, everything got changed around and some furniture from inside our home actually made its way out to the greenhouse.

a white chippendale chair and a round table and lamp have made its way from the house into the greenhouse for my spring has sprung post

Once everything was cleaned and organized, the addition of some spring flowers really made the statement “Spring has Sprung” a reality.

It now is a space where I will be spending time just relaxing and reading. At least for a bit, there is a lot to be done in the garden.

My greenhouse was a kit that “Handy” customized to be a transform it into what it is today. You can read all about that HERE

Click on this photo to take you to the YouTube Video

What Can I do In my Garden in April

“To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow”

-Audry Hepburn

In Illinois, the gardens can start to be cleaned up from the fall and winter debris. It’s getting warm enough that pollinators will be fine if the process of getting my beds ready for the new gardening season begins.

the lilac bush that I planted last year has some beautiful buds on the branch. spring has sprung

Spring has sprung in my garden beds. You can see the tips of daffodils and tulips. The daylilies, Shasta daisies, and chives are starting to come up. The lilac bush that I planted last year has bloomed. Spring has definitely sprung.

Blue Flourish

Things I love for the Garden

Blue Flourish
Blue Flourish
The corner of my greenhouse with the cozy corner with a chair and end table from in the house. It looks so amazing at night with a lamp n the table.
I’m just loving the look of the greenhouse at night

There are bound to still be some cold and even possibly snowy days but when the weather is nice you can find me outside in the garden.


pinterest graphic with a picture of tulips and daffodils with an overlay that reads "Spring has sprung in my greenhouse"

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    1. It’s such a fun spot! I need to use it more for the actual “greenhouse” feature. 🙂

    1. We sure love having you and your great posts!