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How to Attract Orioles to Your Yard

By living large in a small house


Spring whispers are in the air, and soon, vibrant orioles will grace backyards. But when to welcome them with a feeder full of treats?

Orioles on the Way: Feeder Frenzy Timed Right

Orioles, long-distance travelers, arrive in North America for breeding season. Aim to have your feeder ready by early spring, around early April.

Early Bird Gets the Feast

They might not appear immediately. Think of your feeder as a pit stop on their journey. Having it out early ensures they find it easily..

Be Their Reliable Rest Stop

Weather can be unpredictable. Early April provides a buffer in case late storms delay their migration. Don't miss out on those dazzling visitors!

Better Safe Than Sorry

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Orioles love sugary treats! Fill your feeder with grape jelly (avoid red dye), or a special oriole nectar solution. Half oranges, juicy side up, are a delight too.

Oriole Oasis

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Visit my blog to find out how I attract Orioles to my yard!


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