Is it Time to Put out the Oriole Feeder?

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Is it time to put out the oriole feeder? The very first year that I put out an oriole feeder, we had a bird in about 20 minutes. Now, I put out my oranges and grape jelly in my feeder, every year! Typically, if I don’t have it out too early, they are there in about 20 minutes. Orioles usually arrive in Illinois in April or May. I track them with I looked today and they’re getting close so I’m going to head out to get supplies!

Oriole Food

Orioles love dark fruit but are attracted by the orange. The feeder I use has two pegs for the oranges and a cup for the grape jelly that they actually eat. The orange also attracts other birds including hummingbirds.

Oriole Feeder

Orioles are social birds so you will want to place your feeder somewhat close to where you hand out, outside. Close to your deck or patio would be an ideal spot. They also like tall trees and river banks so we are ideally suited for them. That being said you can sure try to capture their attention. Once they find you, they continue to come back!

Oriole Feeder

Here are a few pictures from last year when the Orioles were feasting at our feeder.

Spring 2021

The males are the beautiful orange birds and the females have a little orange but they are mostly a grey color. Not very attractive. I guess that is why I don’t have any pictures of the females hanging out at the feeder; they weren’t picture-worthy. LOL

We Have all Kinds of Birds

Because we live on the water we are home to some amazing birds. We have herons, egrets, and sandhill cranes.

White Heron

Cardinals, Blue Jays, Hummingbirds, Purple Martin’s, and Robins are often around. We occasionally see Swans and American White Pelicans. Every once in a while we spot an owl. We have Bald Eagles who nest very close to our house so we have to be vigilant with our chickens. Of course, we are home to ducks and geese who just leave a big mess in our yard. I’m sure there are a ton more species that inhabit our area but those are the ones that I know and see hanging around this small house!

So now that it is time to put out the Oriole Feeder, I look forward to seeing my little orange friends sometime real soon.

Happy Bird Watching!


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  1. Wendy McMonigle says:

    Wow, that is so amazing, I have never read about Orioles, and they are so beautiful!

    1. Hi Wendy – I heard about them from a friend and immediately bought a feeder and put out my oranges and grape jelly. The fact that they stopped by in about 30 minutes was simply amazing. I’ve been hooked ever since and they know to come back to our property. I put my feeder out on Thursday and I haven’t seen on yet but it might be a little early. For sure by next week, I will have my orange beauties back. What is interesting is that I stopped putting out my hummingbird feeder because I wasn’t getting any and now I’m also getting hummingbirds at the oriole feeder but they won’t stop by until it gets warmer. Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never seen an oriel but I love watching birds. I have a bird feeder outside my kitchen window and am thrilled to see cardinals on it every day. Have a great night.

    1. Hi Elizabeth – I hadn’t ever seen one either until I started putting out my feeder some years ago. They are just so beautiful and don’t seem to be the least bit bothered by us moving around the yard!

  3. Jennifer Howard says:

    I love Orioles too! They stop here briefly in May…I always hear them singing in the woods behind my house and run out to put the oranges in the feeder..

    1. Hi Jennifer –
      I actually am still waiting to see one this year. I’ve had my feeder out for a while and no Orioles! The other birds are enjoying it so I’ve had to put new food out a couple of times. Once our’s come they stay for most of the summer. I totally forgot about their singing! Another great reason to love them.

  4. We have quite a few bird feeders but we have never tried to attract the Orioles! We need to get busy! They are such a pretty bird.

    1. They are one of my favorites and they come back year after year. I put the bird feeder out Friday and really didn’t pay an attention to it. I filled it again yesterday and within 20 minutes, they were back.

  5. Jessica wiliam says:

    Wow. This information is so interesting and useful. I will use grape jelly to attractive my birds. Thanks a lot.

    1. My Orioles come back year after year and I’m just so happy when I see them.

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