Do You Want a DIY Greenhouse?

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Do you want a DIY greenhouse? I had been wanting one for a while and we found one on sale at Walmart.  It’s hard to believe but we bought this greenhouse and “customized” it for a very reasonable price.  “Handy” and my fabulous niece, Danika spent a couple of weekends moving and laying brick pavers for the base of our greenhouse.

Building the Greenhouse

I had seen many pictures of greenhouses that I loved and they all had a brick or stone base.  A quick trip to Menards and we were able to find a great stone paver that would work as a base for the greenhouse.  Quite frankly it adds a more custom look to our DIY greenhouse. “Handy” had to modify the door of the raised greenhouse by adding plexiglass sections and he also put a door threshold on the brick under the door. If you have questions about anything he did, please ask in the comments and we will be happy to answer.

Greenhouse Base

I saw a picture of a sink on Facebook and fell in love.  I showed “Handy” and of course he was able to make one for me. Here’s my concept picture.

DIY Greenhouse
Found on Facebook

Here is what he created.  It is perfect for the space. (We found the vintage washtub on Craigslist)

Greenhouse Sink

“Handy” also make this potting bench for my little space.

Greenhouse Potting Bench

He made it out of reclaimed wood and pallets.  He also used some leftover metal from our raised vegetable garden beds for the door fronts.  I found some vintage-like knobs and plates for the doors at Hobby Lobby.  Gotta love 50% off sales.

Here is a picture of the current interior.  I found a great drop-leaf table and some folding chairs at a local antique store.  I painted them with chalk paint and then left them outside to weather for a bit.

Greenhouse Table

I’m just over the moon happy with my big box greenhouse.  It’s definitely my “Mom Cave”.  I have spent a lot of peaceful time in this space.  Gardening is my therapy and this is definitely my zen room!

Not Just a Greenhouse

This space has been more than a greenhouse. I dress it up in the fall and it has been a great entertaining space. This summer our daughter is getting married in our yard and we are going to turn this into the bar.

As the weather is starting to warm up, I’m tidying up this little space and getting ready for flowers! I can’t wait. If you want to read more about our Urban Farming just click HERE and HERE.



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  1. Wow! I would be jealous, but I am just so happy for you. Your special space looks great!

    1. Thanks Jessica – I love working in my gardens. Hopefully you will be here in October and can visit our “urban garden”

  2. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says:

    This is so cute! I love what you and your husband have done to make this customized to work and to fit your dream.

    1. I’m so lucky that Keith can pretty much do anything that I ask him to create. He’s always working on something for our house!

  3. Lynn! This is amazing! I think I need one of these in my life. I love how you’ve styled it. Simply perfect.❤️

    1. Hi Leslie –
      It’s such a fun space. I even put a Christmas tree in it. I can see the tree out my kitchen window and it makes me smile everytime I see it.

  4. Lynn, I’ve visited and revisited this post as I make plans for my own garden/chicken area. Yours is so calming and exactly the sort of space I want to create. How fun that you use it for multiple reasons and I cannot wait to see it turned wedding bar! I simply adore how you customized and raised the greenhouse—it adds so much character! Can you tell me how Handy created the raised brick foundation? Are the brick stacked and secured or do they clad a wooden frame?

    1. Thanks, Tina – Our greenhouse is one of my absolute favs. Keith actually put in a brick base first (stones, compacted, sand, and then bricks) he laid the landscape pavers on top of that base and he did secure them with adhesive. There is no wood frame so the base looks the same inside and outside. He did secure the greenhouse into that paver wall. I’m not sure exactly what he used but I’m sure some kind of concrete screw. I can ask him. You guys are more than welcome to stop by and take a look. We have water and electricity run to it as well.