Planning my Gardens

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Even though the weather is crazy in Chicago, I’m busy planning my gardens!

 It’s been in the mid to upper 60’s all weekend.  All of the windows are open. A soft breeze of fresh air is whirling throughout the house.  I’m inspired to start planning my gardens.  When the threat of frost has passed we will be ready to go because of thoughtful planning.

Garden Notes

Every year I sketch out my gardens and then keep notes on how everything did so I can improve or stay on course the following year.

This summer I plan to separate my pickling cucumbers from regular cucumbers.  It’s really hard to tell them apart when they are at the pickle size stage of growth.  I don’t think I’m going to add beans because we just didn’t eat them.  I will however have to replace them with something else that is viney and prolific.  We train them over the chicken coop run and they provide much-needed shade for the ladies in the summer. Maybe some snow peas!

We’ve had some issues with tomato blight the past two summers so I’m going to stick with just a few varieties that are disease resistant.  I’m super excited to try “Gladiator” Roma tomatoes as they are the size of a baseball.  I found them in my Burpee Gardens catalog. 

The sketch of my perennial gardens is a rather large map so unfortunately, I can’t share that with you.  I do keep the same kind of notes, especially since we literally dug them up two summers ago and started over.  They are still “perennially” changing.  Some things don’t survive the winter (I don’t think I have to worry this year).  I’m also still adding plants here and there.  Our gardens used to be very wild with native plans but it was just out of control.  Now my flower gardens are more structured; anchored by Hydrangeas, Knock-Out Rose bushes, Daylily’s, grasses, and sedum.  I’m using a lot more annuals to add color that lasts all summer long.

So as I sit here planning my gardens, I’m dreaming of how this beginning will have the happiest of endings!

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