How to Meal Plan for a Month!


I’m sharing with you how to meal plan for a month. When I plan out my meals, my life just seems to be more organized. I’m a fan of organizing and being prepared and when I plan out our meals, it takes the guesswork out of “What should we have for dinner?”

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I typically plan one week at a time but during quarantine and being off of work, I’ve been planning a month in advance. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons; since I have my groceries delivered, I don’t have the daily pick-up option. I also have the time to shop the sale ads and stock up on-sale items. 

Do I always stick to the plan? No! There are some days when life is just too busy. Currently, I’m working on my 30 Day Cleaning & Organizing Challenge. There are nights when I’m just too tired and we don’t stick to the plan. I always have frozen pizzas on hand for those nights when it’s the best I can do.

Meal Planning Ideas

My meal planning has a pattern to it and we typically repeat meals that we enjoy. This is the weekly idea guide that I use when I plan our meals. I also switch this up during different times of the year. In the summer we keep it more simple and add more salads. In the winter I add things like soups and stews to the line-up.

  • Monday – Mediterranean – For our family it typically is a pasta dish but meatless Mondays are also an option.
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – This our theme and we almost always have taco’s. We do however rotate with turkey, beef, fish and shrimp.
  • Wednesday – Breakfast for Dinner – We have chickens so there are always plenty of eggs in our house. I’m a big fan of Frittata’s. You can add many different left-overs to your mixture and help clean out the fridge.
  • Thursday – Loving Lemons – We love lemon and on Thursday I use a lemon based recipe. It usually includes fish, chicken or pork.
  • Friday – Fast Friday – We do something simple like sandwiches or burgers. Almost always something we can do on the grill in the warmer months. Sometimes we just do appetizers for dinner.
  • Saturday – Saturday Night Special – We will make something, that we’ve found on sales, that we wouldn’t eat often. It’s our fancy dinner night.
  • Sunday – Sunday Dinner – Both “Handy” and me were brought up in families that had a big mid-day family meal after church. In our homes it was typically a roast. We continue that tradition but we switch it up with a whole chicken and a turkey breast. We don’t always have a pork or beef roasts.

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If you’re not doing it already, I challenge you to give meal planning a try. Give it a try and I promise it will make evenings less stressful. I use sale flyers from the stores where you shop, to help guide your choice. Family favorite recipes are used pretty regularly.  I also use the internet.  It’s a great way to find new recipes. The app Paprika is one of my favorite cooking tools. I use it to store my recipes and I love its functionality. I can download most recipes from the internet as well as add my own, which I use on a regular basis. That being said, I rarely follow a recipe to the tee.

With more time on my hands, I’ve been trying so many new things. We’ve had homemade pasta in the last few weeks. I have also discovered a new grain called Kamut.  You can use it instead of flour. It’s an ancient unprocessed grain that I learned about from @foodnanny on Instagram. She is definitely one to follow. Her pretzels are next on my to-do list!

Homemade Pasta hanging on the pasta dryer in my kitchen
Homemade Artisan Bread

I want to leave you with this… Don’t ever feel bad about substituting something and/or opting for a curbside pick-up. We highly encourage supporting your local businesses. Life is too short to stress over the small stuff.  Plan your meals and relieve your stress and if you feel like you can’t make something on the plan work, feel free to switch things up.

If you have any questions or comments (please be kind) respond below. Is there something I wrote about or a recipe you find on the calendar that you’d like me to share with you? Please let me know and I will post it for you.

I would also love to hear from you about things at Living Large in A Small House that you would like for me to share with you.

I hope this finds all of my friends, healthy and happy!

Stay Healthy * Stay Hopeful * Stay Home


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