Gardening on the Living Large Podcast

Today on the Podcast I’m discussing gardening!

I’ve never started my vegetable garden plants or annual flowers from seed.

I’ve never had a space to do it.

Starting my Garden from Seed

That all changed when I moved a chair out of one of the corners of my office.

When we did a complete remodel on this room for the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge and it gave us quite a bit of square footage.

While sitting here working, I realized that I had exactly the perfect space for a rack for grow lights and seed starter trays.

This is a quick 10-minute podcast. I share the story of this year’s garden.

What I Used

It’s Time to Start Planning a Garden

Tips from the Garden Bench – Vertical Zucchini

Tips from the Garden Bench #2 – Tomato Blight

What Annual Flowers Work Well in a Perennial Garden

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Living Large Podcast

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