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Top of the morning to you! As St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) approaches, it’s time to start planning the perfect festive celebration. And what better way to celebrate than by going green? Not just in your outfit or decorations, but also in your food choices. In this post, I’ll share my tips and tricks for creating the greenest Erin Go Bragh St. Patrick’s Day table.

You might ask yourself what does this Swedish gal know about St. Patrick’s Day? Well, as the saying goes, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”.

view of the St. Patrick's Day Table. Highlighting the hydrangea and shamrock centerpiece

First things first, let’s talk about the color green. It’s not just a symbolic color for St. Patrick’s Day, but it also represents sustainability and eco-friendliness. So, when planning your table decor, think about using natural elements like potted plants, herbs, and flowers. Not only will they add a pop of green, but they’ll also purify the air and create a fresh atmosphere.

Now, let’s move on to the menu. It’s easy to go overboard with the corned beef and cabbage dinner, but there are plenty of other green options to choose from. Think about incorporating leafy greens like kale and spinach into your dishes for a healthy and delicious option. And don’t forget to opt for locally sourced and organic ingredients to reduce your carbon footprint. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating the greenest Saint Patrick’s Day table yet!

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Setting the Scene for a Leprechaun Feast

As a seasoned holiday enthusiast, I know that a well-decorated dining room table is key to a successful celebration. In this section, I’ll share my tips for creating the greenest Erin Go Bragh St. Patrick’s Day table.

Choosing the Right Tablecloth

First things first, let’s talk tablecloth. While some might opt for a green tablecloth, I’m going to be using my white tablecloth. I’m opting for an elegant look for my dinner party

If you choose to use a green tablecloth not just any green will do. I recommend going for a shade that’s reminiscent of lush Irish hillsides. Think forest green or emerald green. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! A plaid or gingham tablecloth can add some fun and whimsy to your St. Patrick’s Day tablescape.

I always use a real tablecloth for several reasons. First, it’s so much classier than a plastic tablecloth and I am someone who doesn’t like to use plastic if I can avoid it. We don’t need them going into landfills. It’s also just economically friendly to save the extra cost of disposable table covers. 

The Art of the Plate Stack

Next up, let’s talk about the place setting. I like to keep things simple with my classic white dinner plates. But don’t let that fool you – the real magic is in the stack!

Layer green salad plates on top of the dinner plates for a pop of color on the white table. I added white plate chargers underneath the dinner plates to keep my place settings simple. I’m using my green leaf placemats which will highlight my white dishes. 

Accessorizing with Napkins and Rings

Last but not least, let’s talk about the finishing touches. I’m using my green gauze napkins but you might opt for white napkins. And don’t forget about napkin rings! I like to use gold or silver rings. My gauze napkins don’t lend themselves to a napkin ring. I just tie them in a simple knot.

And if you’re feeling extra festive, add some St. Patrick’s Day confetti or green glitter to the table for some extra sparkle.

With these tips, your St. Patrick’s Day table will be the envy of all your friends and family. Sláinte!

Create Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Table

Centerpieces and Charms

As I was planning the greenest St. Patrick’s Day table, I knew I had to have some eye-catching centerpieces and charms. Here are a few ideas that I came up with:

Pot of Gold Illusions

What’s St. Patrick’s Day decor without a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? While I don’t have any rainbows, I thought a cute pot with gold chocolate coins would be a nice surprise for my guests. The gold accents of my brass candle sticks and the gold coins at a touch of class to the table. 

To add a touch of elegance to my St. Patrick’s Day table, I opted for white flowers and shamrocks for my table centerpieces. I used a white hydrangea as the center of the table, surrounded by shamrock plants. The contrast of white and green was striking, and the shamrocks added a touch of Irish charm.

My favorite source for my flowers is Trader Joe’s but if you don’t have one close by your local grocery stores typically have a great selection of flowers, especially around the holidays.

Candlelight and Clovers

For a cozy and inviting atmosphere, I am using my brass candle holders with white candles. The festive glow of candlelight dancing among the shamrocks is enchanting.

Overall, the centerpieces are the highlight of my St. Patrick’s Day table. They add a festive touch and bring the theme to life.

Beverage Bonanza

As the saying goes, “No St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without a pint of green beer!” But why stop at just green beer when there are so many other delicious and green options to choose from?

Green Goblets Galore

To make a statement at your St. Patrick’s Day table, serve your drinks in green goblets. Not only do they add a festive touch, but they also help reduce waste by eliminating the need for disposable cups. I’m using my vintage etched glassware that I found at a local thrift shop a few years ago.

If you don’t have any green glassware, don’t worry! Simply add a drop or two of green food coloring to your clear glasses and voila! You have instant green goblets.

Toasting with Irish Lore

No St. Patrick’s Day celebration would be complete without a toast to the luck of the Irish. But why not add a little Irish folklore to your toast?

Legend has it that if you kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland, you’ll be blessed with the gift of gab. So, raise your glass and toast to the gift of gab.

Whether you’re sipping on green beer or sipping my favorite, Bailey’s Irish Creme, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share a drink with family and friends. 

Watch the YouTube Video by clicking on the photo above

Festive Flair and Finishing Touches

As I put together my St. Patrick’s Day table, I knew I wanted to add some festive flair and finishing touches to make it pop. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

Shamrock Sprinkles and Gold Galore

I noticed at my local Dollar Tree that they had gold coins that you can scatter around your table. They can add a fun touch of sparkle and shine. I also saw some green shamrock sprinkles at Hobby Lobby that you could also add to your table. I prefer to keep my table more simple but when my kids were younger, this would have been the route I would have taken.

DIY Decor: From Thrifty to Nifty

I love a good DIY project, so I found an old picture frame in my stash of treasures that was the perfect size for the menu on my table. I used rub n buff to make it gold and added the St. Patrick’s Day-themed printables menu I made. They are available in my FREE Resource Library along with many other spring printables. 

This was a perfect addition to my table and just a fun additional touch.

Overall, I had a blast putting together my Greenest Erin Go Bragh St. Patrick’s Day table. With a little creativity and some thrifty finds, you can add some festive flair and finishing touches to your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. 

Edible Elegance: A Menu to Marvel

As we all know, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in some delicious Irish cuisine. And what better way to celebrate than with a table full of green and sustainable dishes? I’ve put together a menu that will have your taste buds dancing a jig!

Corned Beef and Cabbage: A Culinary Classic

No St. Patrick’s Day feast would be complete without the traditional dish of corned beef and cabbage. But instead of using conventional beef, I’ve opted for grass-fed, organic beef that’s free from antibiotics and hormones. And for the cabbage, I’ve chosen to use locally sourced, organic cabbage that’s been grown without harmful pesticides.

To add a little extra flavor, I’ve also included some roasted carrots and parsnips on the side. These root vegetables not only add a pop of color to the dish but they’re also packed with nutrients.

Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a staple in any St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and my version is no exception. It’s made for me by my neighbor. I’m not a baker! We had very Irish neighbors who lived across the street for many many years and she always made me a loaf. When they moved, a new neighbor next door took up the tradition. 

Overall, this menu is the perfect combination of traditional Irish cuisine and modern, sustainable cooking. Your taste buds and the environment will thank you!

Beannacht Dé ort,

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  1. This green-inspired tablescape is stunning!

    1. Thank you Denise – I have so much fun with tables capes

  2. Wendy McMonigle says:

    I am so sorry you were so ill, Lynn, but I am grateful you are feeling better.
    Your table looks amazing, Happy St Patrick’s Day.

    1. Thanks my friends. Being sick is no fun. I was hoping that at least I might lose a few pounds because I didn’t eat for 5 days but no luck. I just don’t get it 🙂