One Room Challenge – Week 5 Closet Conversion


It’s the beginning of Week 5 of the One Room Challenge

We are working on making the closet an alcove that will house a dresser/changing table and all the things our little dude will need.

a view of the nursery closet with a dresser in it along with a changing area and hanging rod.

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a photo of the blank closet wall in the baby nursery
Blank Slate Closet

Converting the Closet

We are turning the bedroom closet in the nursery into a cute dressing/changing alcove.

We started by taking off the closet doors and the track. Then the holes were patched and sanded and the enclosure was painted along with the rest of the room.

When I made my closet into my desk area last year during the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge we opted to case the frame with molding to give it a picture frame look. In this application, with there not being a wall on one side, that wasn’t an option. The clean look suits the nursery well.

We also left up the shelves as storage is essential in a baby nursery.

a view of the closet with dresser, storage bins and wall mounted shelves, mirror, and hanging rod in the baby nursery.

Creating the Changing Station Alcove

This space will house a dresser with a changing topper to be the spot where the baby will not only get a diaper change but also house all of his clothes. We’ve used storage boxes for older clothes and additional diapers. A cute shelve will make changing supplies easily accessible and a rod on the opposite wall has a hanger for the diaper bag and other items that Mom and Dad want to keep handy.

Annie planned to add some industrial-type rods to hang clothes but as we were washing, folding, and putting little baby clothes into the dresser she realized that hanging baby clothes wasn’t the best use of space.

We are going to hang a few things, basically for cuteness.

a photo of the converted baby nursery closet with a rocking chair in front of it.

Closet Alcove Ideas

Here are more ways that you can convert a closet into a different use space

  • Office – See how I did it last year in the One Room Challenge
  • Book Shelves
  • Pantry – I did that at my house
  • Craft Corners
  • Household Cleaning Closet
  • Gift Wrapping Space
  • Laundry Room
  • Sleeping Alcove
a photo of the closet turned desk in the one room challenge

When you live in a small house, you always thinking of ways to repurpose space to make it work for your family and the seasons of your life.

More Progress

We’ve been waiting for the bookshelves to arrive for the nursery. They were out of stock for weeks.

Once they were ordered, the shipping information kept changing and then the order was suddenly canceled. We ordered new bookshelves from Target that were actually smaller but as luck would have it, it actually fit the space better.

We hung the drapes and they look great. We got the rod from Target and we were able to install it without the help of “Handy”. It is a room-darkening rod (used with room-darkening drapes) which is exactly what we wanted.

As we head into Week 6 we will be wrapping up the project in anticipation of the reveal.

Putting the crib and rocking chair together and then adding accessories are what we have left to do.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Michele - vintage home designs says:

    I love the idea of turning the closet into a changing station! Such a great idea and use of space. The nursery is looking so cute!

    1. Thank you Michele – It is a great use of space as babies (especially boys) don’t really need any hanging space. The room is small, something I’m used to so we are making the most of every square inch.