We Made a Pantry Out of the Coat Closet Under our Stairs


Many years ago, we made a pantry out of the coat closet under our stairs. When you live in a small space, you have to maximize every square inch. I’ve blogged about this before but its been a long time and we’ve recently made some updates.

When we decided to use the space that we knew was behind the 18″ deep closet, we busted out the wall and exposed this buried treasure. We put up shelving (12″ wide) on one side and put hooks on the other side. When our kids were young, the hook side, served as a place to hang their small coats, backpacks, and lunchboxes. We later made a coat hanging wall in our entryway and we no longer used the hooks in the pantry. For a long time they mostly just held my aprons.

Pantry Closet

A few weeks ago “Handy” had an idea to redo the closet and instead of 12″ on one side, he installed white laminated shelves that are 8″ on both sides of the closet. It actually gives us so much more space and it visually is so much more appealing. It feels so good to have an organized pantry!

The new pantry make-over was triggered by my desire to put as much of my pantry staples into glass jars, which I got from Walmart, and adorning them with some fun ETSY Labels. I found that Kim @ Paper and Pear Store had exactly what I wanted. She has now made labels for all of my pantry jars, my spice jars, and my vinegar & oils. I’m placing another order this week for a few things I originally forgot. Kim has been a joy to work with and I got my labels in a few weeks.

Pantry Labels

I love that my new 8″ deep shelves not only holds everything that I need them to hold, but I can also find everything. When I had 12″ shelves, I was shuffling things around to find the items in the back, or worse, I wouldn’t think I had something and buy more. Now I can see exactly what I have and what I need to buy.

What Else Am I Doing?

I have created a printable grocery list that I’m hanging on a clipboard in my pantry. Then I can mark off things as I use them and need to stock up.

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m a list person. I get great pleasure from making lists and crossing things out. So coming soon to my Living Large in A Small House Blog will be a site where I will have my printable downloads available along with some of my curated vintage goods. I’m hoping to launch that on March 1st. I’m very excited about this new addition to my blog.

If you’ve been following along with my 30 Day Cleaning Challenge, then you know that the pantry or food storage area was something we tackled this week. This week coming up we will be working on our Main Bedroom. I’m so excited about this because my closet is a disaster and I haven’t cleaned it out since before I was working full-time. Some organization is going to be getting a huge donation of clothing this week! I know that it will be a very cleansing process for me both literally and emotionally.

You Can Still Join!

It’s not too late to join us! If you want to begin the organizing journey please sign-up below.

I also wanted to share with my organizing peeps that I recently ordered laminated stickers for my refrigerator bins. They should be here today or tomorrow and I can’t wait to show you. I ordered them from Laura @ CalliBananaBoutique on Etsy. I absolutely love supporting independent folks (mostly women) who have small cottage businesses on Etsy.

Have a great Super Bowl Weekend!



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