One Room Challenge – The Nursery Reveal 2023

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We have finally come to the end of the One Room Challenge and now is the time for the Reveal

Let’s start by saying that it turned out so cute but the real prize is going to be when our new grandbaby is here in a few short months.


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The Room Challenges

Let’s recap the issues we had with the original space

  • The room is small.
  • We had to deal with textured walls.
  • It needs to function as a space for sleeping, dressing, and playing.
  • The carpet is gray and brand new so we have to work with that.
  • The windows in the room are offset from the center of the wall.

The Initial Design Plan

  • Clear out all the furniture from the guest bedroom
  • Remove the texture from the walls
  • Take off the doors from the closet, patch, and paint
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Order furniture, new light fixtures, drapes, wallpaper mural and storage
  • Install the mural from Photowall
  • Replace the ceiling fan
  • Assemble the furniture
  • Create a dressing/changing nook in the former closet
  • Hang curtains and add accessories
Mood Board for new grandbabies nursery - one room challenge

Actual Design Elements

Probably the hardest part of the whole room was the textured walls. Since having a professional take care of it was completely out of their budget, they decided to tackle the project themselves.

It was quite an undertaking that required applying a glue-like material to the walls and then covering that with drywall compound; followed by completely sanding the whole space.

There were no issues with the furniture except for the book shelve. Annie had a vision for the bookshelf wall which included an arch that she had painted. She ordered a bookshelf that fit the length of the arch on the wall and it never arrived.

We settled on a bookshelf that we got from Target and we actually think the proportion in this small room is perfect.

She has a flag-type sign with the baby’s name that is going to go above the shelve in the arch area but since they aren’t telling anyone the name, we will have to wait for that final reveal.

The wallpaper from Photowall was a breeze to put up. While peel-n-stick wallpaper is a great option for rentals or a space that you might want to change frequently, in my opinion, it’s harder to work with than pasted paper.

The only tough part about the paper from Photowall was all the beautiful options to choose from. Annie and Tommy settled on the jungle theme as they felt that it was gender-neutral and could work for either a boy or a girl.

Baby Nellen Nursery with Jungle Theme Wallpaper Mural hung on accent wall.

Our One Room Challenge

While there isn’t an actual winner at the end of the 8-week One Room Challenge, we feel like huge winners, especially in this case.

We work best under pressure and the 8-week challenge has proven to be something that keeps us on task and so far we’ve been able to finish our projects within the guidelines.

Thanks to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for sponsoring this twice a year event.

The Accessories

We styled the bookshelves with all the books that Annie got instead of cards at her baby shower.

Things We Bought


I’m so lucky to have a partnership with Photowall. They provided us with the Jungle Friends with Jungle Background Mural. It transformed the room into a dream nursery.

I’d like to thank Photowall for helping make this room come alive.

Thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that support Living Large in A Small House

A very Special Thanks to the One Room Challenge Team for keeping the guest participants motivated each week.

Also, thank you to Apartment Therapy for their support of this amazing event.


The room looks bright and spacious. It’s going to be the ultimate sanctuary for the new little guy to be rocked by Mom and Dad. A place for him not only to get a good night’s sleep but also to play during the day.

We hope you enjoyed following along with our One Room Challenge adventure

Like all remodeling projects, a few plans changed, and we ran into issues but we were able to pivot and make it all work. What we did made a huge difference and we couldn’t be happier.

Peace and Love,

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pinterest graphic of the baby nursery

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  1. Laura @ Our Grand Lives says:

    I have been a reader of your site for about a year now but have never commented. I appreciate so many of the topics you cover but have been especially moved by your “Recollection” posts… I so admire your strength and resilience through it all and I look forward to future posts!

    My husband is an architect and I’m a retired kindergarten teacher. When we remodeled our home several years ago we used Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House” philosophy as a guide so your website’s name has special meaning!

    When I retired a few years ago, I had a dream of starting my own blog and found a friend (also a newly retired kindergarten teacher) to take on this passion project with me. We were also brand new grandparents who wanted to mingle our love of learning, family and especially our Littles (our grandkids) into our posts. We just celebrated the first year of our blog, “Our Grand Lives.” I’m SO excited for you and the joys to come as new Grand! If you’d ever be interested, I invite you to check out our blog –,

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Laura – Thanks for introducing yourself. I’m glad my blog is inspirational for you. I just visited yours and enjoyed reading about welcoming a new grand to the family. I’m beyond excited and loved the advice for long distance grandparents. I look forward to following along with your lives. I’m so glad to meet you.

      1. Laura @ Our Grand Lives says:

        Awww! Thanks so much for stopping by, Lynn! Looking forward to staying in touch and I will definitely be following along with your adventures! Enjoy this wonderful season of anticipation!