Light Homemade Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

I found this Light Homemade Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce recipe that I saved in my recipe box.

It was something I had torn out of Cooking Light Magazine, dated 1995.

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I made the recipe my own by using ingredients with fewer calories and adding more flavor to both the ravioli filling and the tomato sauce. It is especially perfect for something new in your meal planning. It is also perfect for this time of year when the days are warmer and I’ve been working outside.

The recipe is pretty straightforward but I wanted to share a few pictures of the steps if you need a visual.

Light Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

A lightened up ravioli and tomato sauce dish
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: 30 minute meal, Light Cooking, Ravioli, Semi-Homemade, Spinach and Cheese
Servings: 6 Servings
Calories: 306kcal
Author: Adapted from Cooking Light


  • Food Processor


  • 3 cups tomato sauce See Recipe Below
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 3 cups fresh baby spinach
  • 1 minced, garlic clove
  • 1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup shredded Asiago cheese
  • 1/2 cup 1% low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1/4 cup 1% low-fat milk
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg I like to use whole nutmeg and grate with fine grater
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 8 sheets of Egg Roll Wrappers (or 32 wonton wraps) If using egg roll wrappers, cut each sheet into four equal parts
  • 1 egg white, lightly beaten


  • Prepare Tomato Sauce; set aside; and keep warm.
  • While the tomato sauce is simmering, heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add spinach and stir continually until wilted. Add the garlic and saute one more minute.
  • Put cooled spinach/garlic mixture in a food processor, add the next 7 ingredients. Pulse until well blended
  • Working with one wrapper at a time (cover remaining wrappers with a damp towel to keep them from drying out), spoon about 1 tablespoon spinach mixture into the center of each wrapper. Moisten edges of wrapper with egg white and bring 2 opposite corners together. Press edges together with a fork to seal, forming a triangle. Repeat the process with each remaining won ton wrapper.
  • Bring 4 quarts of water to a boil in a large pot. Add 12 ravioli to the boiling water (keeping remaining covered with damp towel). Cook for 2 minutes, stirring once. Remove with slotted spoon; set aside; keep warm. Repeat process with remaining ravioli.
  • Place 6 ravioli in shallow bowls with 1/2 cup of tomato sauce
  • Serve immediately


If desired, sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Light Tomato Sauce

Cook Time25 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: light tomato sauce, tomato sauce
Servings: 8
Calories: 41kcal
Author: Adapted from Cooking Light


  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 cup finely chopped onions
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 glove garlic, minced
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp Pepper
  • 2 cans 14.5 oz. no-salt-added, whole tomatoes, undrained and chopped I use 2 pints of my own canned tomatoes


  • Heat oil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Add onions, saute for 4 minutes, until a little translucent. Add oregano, basil, red pepper, bay leaf, and garlic and saute for 1 minute more. Stir in the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. (I find that the tomatoes chop up very easily with the side of a wooden spoon once they are heated through) Reduce heat and let simmer for 20 minutes.


Refrigerate remaining sauce for up to 1 week

Great Additions to This Pasta Recipe

Because I can my own tomatoes, I used what was in my pantry from last summer to give it that garden-fresh flavor. Are you interested in learning about how to can tomatoes? If so, I would be happy to share that with you. I’ve been doing it for more years than I can remember.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my Mom grew up on a farm so we learned how to preserve and bake bread from a very early age. Mom did not, however, teach us how to make sourdough bread. My siblings and I are finally perfecting that art after more than a year of trial and error.

My Sister Laurie has become quite the artist with her bread.

However, if you’re not a bread maker, a great crusty French loaf from the grocery store will go well with this meal. Interested in making sourdough bread? Read about Sourdough

This light homemade spinach and cheese ravioli with tomato sauce is a light refreshing meal, perfect for the warm months. I love pasta so this is a great way to enjoy it without all of the calories. One of my favorite summer pasta recipes can be found HERE.

Coming up next Tuesday is Chicken Ceasar Salad. One of my all-time favorite summer evening meals.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    5 stars
    This looks easy and delicious! I cannot wait to make it! As for canning tomatoes, I would love to know your method! And please share your bread making experience as well.

    1. Hi Elizabeth – Just catching up with all of my comments. I will definitely discuss canning tomatoes. I love to do it and it’s so worth the effort to have that fresh garden taste in the winter. My bread-making is finally getting better. I will also share the recipe that finally worked for me. Sourdough bread is not for the faint of heart.

  2. Yummy! Nothing better than fresh ravioli!

    1. So good an very light for those hot summer nights!

  3. Leslie Watkins says:

    I can’t wait to try this! I have canned my own tomatoes and tomato juice fir years. Absolutely the best to use. Thanks, friend!

    1. There is nothing like a tomato from your own garden and I love that I can have that fresh garden flavor all year long. I had to rotate my crops this year so don’t have quite as many tomato plants. I’m hoping that I still get a good amount to can.