Getting Married Twice During Covid

What does getting married during covid mean for couples? For Annie and Tommy, it means getting married twice.

In the uncharted territory of the last two-plus years, our lives are changing so much. Our daughter was supposed to have her dream wedding in 2021 but it turned into a Covid Wedding!

What is that you say? In our case, it turned into an intimate backyard wedding in June 2021 and now a sequel wedding, or Wedding Part II as we are calling it in our family.

small floral arrangement of pink peonies with a few sprigs of other pink flowers for the intimate backyard wedding

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When Were They Legally Married

They were legally married at the Intimate Backyard Wedding that we had for them in 2021. So the weekend of their sequel wedding will actually be their First Wedding Anniversary. Read all about that wedding HERE.

The first wedding was so special. While it was unconventional, the intimate wedding had some amazing benefits. As a family, we were able to celebrate with the bride and groom without any interruptions.

Being present and in the moment was a positive aspect of this small wedding. We got them all to ourselves. We got to know our new in-laws on a deeper level. This wedding was enough for me. But…….

Wedding #2 – The Party

The bride and groom still want to celebrate with their friends and that is so understandable. Venues and vendors had been booked and paid for so canceling just wasn’t an option.

There will be a ceremony but it will be a reenactment with the benefit of their bridesmaids and groomsmen. There will be drinking, dancing, and speeches. All of the traditional wedding things.

Covid Concerns at the Sequel Wedding

Things will be different. I expect that there may be people who don’t want to attend because of covid concerns. Many will still want to wear a mask.

The venue has an outdoor aspect so hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can spend time mingling outside with guests.

“True love is when both people think they are the lucky one”

Preparation for the Second Wedding

Because the couple was legally married, this second go-round hasn’t been a priority for us, to our detriment. We are way behind and have so much to do in the next 50 days.

The to-do list is long but it will get done. Having this wedding at a venue takes a whole lot of pressure off of us. Being responsible for just the decor and a few special details is much more manageable than hosting a wedding at your home.

Tools you’ll need

The day will be so much more relaxed because we’ve already celebrated with the bride and groom. This is a day to just celebrate with family and friends. Because of covid, we haven’t seen many of these people in far too long.

In the big scheme of things, this worked out so well. The only issue is that now our youngest un-married daughter has some very high expectations.


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Note: All Photography is courtesy of Chelsey Barhorst Photography. We can’t wait to see what the photo’s from Wedding #2 look like!

a pinterest graphic with a photo of the bud vase with pink flowers and a overlay that says "getting married twice during covid"

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  1. With your organizational skills, I am sure you will get everything done in time for a lovely celebration!

    1. After my call with Annie yesterday, I feel a lot more at ease. We have way more accomplished than I thought and what is left is last-minute things. So the goal now is to be way ahead with all of my day-to-day work (blog posts) and be able to be totally free that week.

  2. Lynn, I’m sure Wedding #2 will be a success because #1 went off so well!! Charles and I put our whole wedding together in one month ~ August of 1987 ~ for an October wedding of that year. He was out of college and I was “in” plus working as a student trainer in the football training room at CSUSacramento. Our head trainer kidded that we would have to get married during half-time! I took three days off from school with all of my teachers’ approval. 😉 So happy to pin a bunch of photos for you and feature #2 at this week’s Share Your Style #346 for y’all!! <3

    Happy 2nd time around and Happy Anniversary to your daughter and SIL,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara – I’m so far behind with replies. Thanks so much – You are so sweet.