It’s Time to Start Planning for A Small Backyard Wedding!

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It’s time to start planning for a small backyard wedding for our daughter and future son-in-law. I share the love story of why the date for their wedding is important to them HERE.

We want them to still have that special day so we are planning a sweet little backyard wedding. We live on water and I have very large gardens so the setting is perfect.

4 Months

  • Rent Tent, Chairs, and Linens
  • Hire Officiant
  • Hire Photographer
  • Sign Contract with Caterer (Including wait staff & bartender)

3 Months

  • Decide on music
  • Plan Table Decor & purchase everything we need
  • Order flowers
  • Confirm Menu
  • Find a Dress for Mom & Bride
  • Groom orders his suit
  • Order Cake

2 Months

  • Plan all of my annuals (In the garden and also in pots)
  • Edge & Mulch all of the Flower Beds
  • Paint Touch-Up (Inside & Out)
  • Inventory and purchase any necessary serving pieces
  • Layout yard so that you know where everything will go
  • Send out Invitations
Wedding Invitation
Sample Wedding invitation

1 Month

  • Hang outdoor lighting
  • Schedule cleaning service
  • Reconfirm with all vendors
  • Hire car service for guests

1 Week Before

  • Final Yard Prep
  • Rental Deliveries
  • Stage Greenhouse & Seating Areas
  • Double-check that all attire is ready

Lots & Lots of Flowers

There will be lots and lots of flowers. I’m hoping that my gardens are at their most beautiful. I will have flowers in the greenhouse and flowers on the tables. There will be flowers framing the arbor and lots of twinkle lights!

Wedding Menu
I used Canva to make all the printables

We are going to turn our greenhouse into a bar. It will be filled with flowers and twinkly lights. I will use my potting bench as a wine, beer, water, and pop station. We will have a bartender for mixed drinks.

Dinner Table

While we have a tent standing by, the weather will be beautiful and we will be eating alfresco on my beautiful farmhouse tables. I plan to have small seating areas splashed around the yard. “Handy” will be taking the bride and groom out on the boat for sunset pictures with the photographer. It’s going to be beautiful.

While the party will be small and we will be having a big celebration a year from now, we want this day to be intimate and special for the bride and groom. If you don’t know about the special attachment to this date, you can read about it HERE.

Twinkly Lights

Time to stop writing and time to start planning a small backyard wedding!


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  1. Lunn, it sounds as if you are ready for anything. I am sure it is going to be an amazing and beautiful celebration. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more as the date comes closer. Have a very Happy Easter.

  2. A boat ride for photos! Amazing. Thank you for taking all of us along for this special wedding planning. It will be beautiful!

    1. We have a boat docked in our backyard so being on the water has always been a part of our kid’s lives. It’s important for her to have sunset pictures on the boat 🙂

    1. I have such great ideas in my head, I just hope that I can execute the way that I envision everything. I’m really starting to get nervous. I’m exactly two months away.

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