Three Tips to Make Bathroom Clean-up Simple

Three Tips for Simple Bathroom Clean-Up

Three tips to make bathroom clean-up simple!

Let’s get right down to it! Cleaning the bathroom is not a fun chore. In fact, I hate it and I’m the only one who does it in our family. However, I also hate when the bathroom is dirty.

Even if you have cleaning help, I find that the bathroom needs to be cleaned in between their visits. The bathroom just doesn’t take long to get gross!

If I could change the world, everyone would be required to sit down when they use the toilet! I’m just saying!

Tips #1 – Keep Things Handy

  • Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

One of the things that deter me the most is getting the supplies I need from the laundry room, where I store them to the bathrooms. Since I typically only use 3 items, it makes more sense to have them tucked away right in the bathroom so I don’t really have any excuses.

I found this very compact caddy at target ($3) It can fit everything that I need and neatly stores it under the sink or cabinet in the bathrooms. To me this is key!

I’ve timed it and it actually only takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish to have the bathroom sparkle.

When everything is handy, I don’t put it off.

Tip #2 – Cleaning Supplies

  • Have the Proper Cleaning Supplies

There are 3 basic cleaning products that I use in the bathroom

Toilet Bowl Cleaner – We have really awful water and it’s full of iron so I use a pretty strong chemical. I justify this because it’s the only thing that cleans my toilets and I use environmentally friendly products for the rest of my house. I use Zep Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Window Cleaner – I use Method Glass and Surface cleaner for my mirrors, fixtures, and countertops.

All-Purpose Cleaner – I use Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner for my tub and floors. I love all the “flavors” and it makes my bathroom smell so fresh after everything is clean.

Other Necessary Supplies

Micro-Fiber Glass Cloth – I love the Infuse Microfiber Cloths. I use these for the mirrors, countertop, fixtures, decorative glass, and lighting.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Gloves – These are amazing because they are heavy-duty, chemical resistant and they cover up my arms really well. Get them HERE

Sponges – I use Natural Sponges that you can find HERE

Cleaning Rags – The cleaning rags that I use is the old tea towels from the kitchen that get stained and I no longer want in my kitchen. I rip them in half so that I know that they are cleaning rags. From there they get used to clean things outside and then when they’ve seen their last use, they get tossed. Basically, we use them to death.

Cordless Mini Vacuum – I’ve always had one downstairs for quick pick-up of messes but I recently got one for the second floor. I can run this through the bathroom before I wash the tile and again, having it upstairs makes life easier. I put it in a corner in our room where there is a plug and it is hidden by our armoire.

Tip #3 – Create a Routine

Create a routine

Choose a day that works for you but I find that MONDAY works best for me. Everyone is home on the weekends. Sometimes we have company. MONDAY is a great day for me to quickly give the bathroom a good cleaning. Then it seems to stay pretty tidy for another week.

Cleaned Bathroom Shelves

Bonus to having all of your supplies close by is that if you are having company or someone stops by, you can step into the bathroom and quickly give your bathroom a little once over with the multi-surface spray.

Bonus Tip #4

I have toilet seats that pop off and yes, I take them off every time I clean so that nothing is left behind. Double bonus, they also are soft close lids. No more slamming down on the porcelain. You can thank me later!

I think the key to doing those nasty cleaning jobs is to have the right supplies, have them close by, and schedule a time to get it done. It’s working for me and now my bathrooms stay clean.

I hope these 3 tips to make bathroom clean-up simple will be helpful. You can apply this to lots of things that you do in your home. Have all of your kitchen supplies under the kitchen sink. Keep all the laundry supplies handy in the laundry room. If this inspires you to get more organized, you might enjoy this post HERE.

My next big project is my laundry room and putting the supplies where they are needed is freeing up space for me to make my laundry room more functional. I can’t wait to begin that project. It was the first room we renovated and it needs to be reworked for so many reasons. I can’t wait to share that with you when we get started.

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Bathroom Clean-Up

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