Hidden Storage in Your Home

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Are you looking to find some hidden storage in your home? I’ve already shared some places where we’ve captured square footage in our home. But I haven’t shared it all.

coat closet and cabinets built into the hidden storage in your home that is under your stairs

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Space Under the Stairs

You all know about my pantry that is under my stairs. While that was the best use of that extra space for our family there are plenty of other ideas for using this hidden storage space. You can read about our pantry HERE.

Pantry under the stairs with white laminate 8" shelves on both sides and a wire rack in the back

Here are some ideas that I’ve seen for using the under-the-stairs space:

  • Book Shelves
bria hammel interiors
  • Office Nook
  • Secret Play Area
Photo @motivo.design
  • Reading Bench
  • Half Bathroom
  • Home Bar
Decor Pad
  • Pull out Drawers or Doors
Wood Meister Master Builders

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Sandwiched on either side of our pantry are a built-in bookshelf unit in our den/office/guest room and a built-in cabinet hutch in our kitchen. More hidden storage opportunities.

Built-In Dresser

We took some completely unused space in the eaves of our roof and made a built-in dresser in our main bedroom. You can read more about it HERE.

Built in Dresser

You can also build niches between the joints in the walls for storage in a room. We have a wall of niches in our shower in one of our bathrooms.


I Live in A Very Small House, but my Windows look out on A Very Big World


Other Hidden Storage

We used a pretty unique space. It is the space underneath our kitchen cabinets, in the toe kick. It’s the perfect size for baking items that I don’t use very much. There is a little handle and it easily rolls out when I need a cookie sheet or oversized baking pan. No one thinks about this gem of hidden storage space.

Another way that we hide things in our small house is to always buy furniture with the potential for storage. End tables and coffee tables all were bought with storage when our kids were younger and space/storage was pushed to its limit. I’ve also bought dressers for sofa tables and decorative pieces so that I can use the drawers for storage. You can buy benches with storage and headboards with storage. All of our kid’s beds were lovingly handcrafted by “Handy” and they all had storage build-in underneath.

In one of my blog posts, I talk about the hardest part of living in a small house. You can read about it HERE

The key to maximizing space is to be creative and always look for hidden storage in your home.


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Pinterest pin with picture of my hidden cabinet drawers with an overlay that says "Hidden Storage in Your Home"
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  1. I love these ideas! So creative. Under the stairs in my basement, I created a little playhouse for my grand babies.

    1. I’m sure it’s adorable. You’ll have to share it on the blog. I would kill for a basement.

  2. I’m so jealous of the drawers underneath your cabinets! Such a great idea! Pinned ????

    1. They are great use of space for the things that I don’t use very often (baking stuff) 🙂

  3. So many great ideas to not waste an inch of real estate!

    1. We use every inch in this small house 😉

  4. I love the storage under your kitchen cabinets, Lynn! It’s a brilliant idea.

  5. Great post and so informative! I love those drawers in your kitchen, genius! Have a great weekend! Donna