Easy Transformation of Wood Shelves with Dixie Belle Paint

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black open shelves on shiplap wall with medium wood antique sideboard below
Before Picture

I made an easy transformation of wood shelves with Dixie Belle Paint. The color I used was named “Cotton”.

transformed shelves from black to white with flow blue china on them
After Photo

I have been slowly updating my dining room which had a lot of black accent wood pieces. Once “Handy” had made me a new farmhouse table and we found a beautiful antique sideboard, the black shelves just didn’t look right with the rich wood tones of this new to us furniture.

Introducing Dixie Belle Paint

When I had the opportunity to work with Dixie Belle Paint Company to try out their paint, I jumped at the chance. I’ve used many other brands of chalk paint and Dixie Belle Chalk Paint is far superior to the one’s I’ve used in the past

black open shelves after they have been painted white with dixie belle paint. beautiful display of flow blue china on them

I was concerned about the coverage as my shelves were painted by a professional cabinet maker with a beautiful sprayed finish. It did take me three coats of Dixie Belle Paint to cover them but I was actually impressed that was all it took. After all I was covering black with a white paint.

My prep was pretty straight forward. I washed the shelves and dried them with simple soap and water. I then scuffed them up with a sanding block. Once I wiped them down again, they were ready for paint. The paint went on like silk and the Dixie Belle Paint brushes are amazing. I let them dry about an hour in-between coats and the whole project took me one afternoon.

Once the shelves were white against my white shiplap walls, they were just screaming for me to display my collection of flow blue china. I honestly love it so much and I can’t stop staring at it.

My next project is to paint a coffee table that I paid $10 for and then an end table which was another inexpensive find. It’s truly amazing the transformations that can happen with a can of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint. Any it’s so easy!

Jar of cotton Dixie Bell paint

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I was so happy to share the easy transformation of my wood shelves with Dixie Belle Paint. Next time you have a paint project, I promise you will be so happy with this paint. It comes in so many amazing colors, it’s actually hard to pick. They also have paint that is suitable for outdoor projects.

Happy Painting!



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pinterest pin of dixie belle paint transformation

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  1. I can’t believed all your flow blue. I have mainly plates from my grandmother but have lucked into some pitchers and other pieces. It’s almost impossible to find at a reasonable price here in the Atlanta area. I’ve noticed they are making reproduction pieces now but still have my eye out for the real thing.

    1. Hi Debby –

      I just started collecting it about 2 years ago. I just love it. I also have some blue transferware (another love). It’s not that easy to find here in Illinois either. I’ve driven a ways to get pieces and even had some shipped. I pretty much have the real deal.

  2. Every trip we made to England I took bubble wrap so we could bring home flow blue! My husband, bless his heart, hand carried a huge soup tureen with tray and ladle onto the plane! Prices are less than half there.

    1. That is my bucket list vacation to go to England and France, just to shop! I can’t even imagine how fun that would be!