What is the Day We Can Start Planting our Gardens?

What is the day we can start planting our gardens? Officially it’s May 15th in Illinois but I will confess that I have been hedging my bets. I’ve put a few things in here and there. There are some plants like violas and pansies that do well with a little cold. There are also some seeds that are already in my veggie garden. I’ve planted my carrot seeds and my beets already. Lettuce, kale, and arugula are also ok with colder nights.

Picture of my new herb garden waiting to be planted

I have also planted some areas that I can cover if it gets too cold. I’ve planted my pots on the porch by my front door. I’ve planted a few containers that I can take in and out of the greenhouse. However, I haven’t planted annuals in the perennials bed and I haven’t planted my veggie garden.

This is a picture of my veggie garden ready to be planted

Even with the start day of May 15th, there are a few things that don’t tolerate much cold at all. One that I’m aware of is basil. I don’t put mine in the garden until it’s consistently around 55-60 degrees at night. It just does not like getting cold. This week coming up I will start planting just about everything, as my greenhouse is overflowing with flowers. We will be picking up our veggies and herbs this weekend so I will have everything I need to really just rock n roll with my gardens.

Picture of my greenhouse filled with annuals from the nursery waiting to be planted in the garden
This is a picture of more flowers in my greenhouse ready to plant

I need every day possible for my flowers to grow before our daughter’s wedding on June 26th.

Resources for Planting your Garden

I use a great resource at the University of Illinois Extension. They are my go-to for everything gardening, environmental questions, and issues. and so much much more. Just a wealth of information. They also have the best information on when you can plant your garden. Their gardening guide is such a useful tool as well. If you don’t live in Illinois, another great resource is The Farmer’s Almanac.

I’m also sure that if you live in another state, you will have similar programs at your colleges.

Taking my Gardening to Another Level

I’m actually considering taking the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardening Course. My husband is the new Mayor of our little town and as the “First Lady” I want to start a community garden. I think it would be a great way to engage both young and old in a healthy, productive way. I have visions of raised garden beds, benches for people to sit and chat. Areas to play chess, horseshoes, and bags. I really want it to be a summertime community meeting place.

My concept would include a program that whatever produce we don’t use for our own families, will be donated to the local food pantry. I won’t be able to implement this year as my plate is full but I certainly could be ready to hit the ground running in 2022.

This is a picture of a community vegetable garden

But first things first, I need to get through my wedding, and then I can take a very deep breath! Smell the roses (pun intended) and move on to my next big project!

If you are a mother to your own children or someone else’s children. If you are a mother to plants or animals. All women are born nurturers so please celebrate Mother’s Day in any way that makes you happy as we all deserve to be celebrated! Happy Mother’s Day!

Peace my friends!

Not only is it time to start planning your garden, even if it’s just pots, it’s also time to put out your oriole feeder. You can ready about mine HERE

If you’re interested in seeing what my garden looks like in late summer into fall, you can read about that HERE

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  1. Your greenhouse and gardens are so beautiful! Happy Saturday.

    1. Thanks so much, Renae – Today is the day that I could start planting but wouldn’t you know, I’m down for the count with a really bad sore throat and fever. I’m going to take it easy so that I can hopefully get out this weekend and get a lot done.

  2. Kari Wagner Hoban says:

    I didn’t know the exact date, so thank you for that.
    I love your greenhouse. I told my husband that I wish we had a little one in our tiny backyard. So I could buy plants ahead and keep them in there! LOL Well, for other reasons too.
    I’m itching to get out and plant…only a few more days!

    1. Hi Kari – I think we could safely start planting today. I however am sick with a really nasty cold that has me staying in my PJ’s and hanging in my bed. I need to get better so that I can get all those plants in the ground this weekend.