Saturday at This Small House #4

Flow Blue in Dining Room

Happy Saturday Friends!

We are just 14 days away from Christmas! My wish for you today is that you are finished or close to being finished with your shopping. Now is the time to be working on your last-minute to-do list. If you’re a friend of Living Large in A Small House, you can download my to-do list from my free printable library.

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“Handy” is having hip replacement surgery on Monday so we will be laying low for the next few weeks. I am doing some deep cleaning this weekend so that I just have to do some general touch-ups before Annie & Kenny come home. I’m going to share my cleaning hacks with you next week.

Tuesday’s Blog Post

If you missed it, I have a short video in this post of my small house all decked out for the holidays. I hope you enjoy it! Click the button below to visit our home.

Thursday’s Blog Post

I don’t know anyone who isn’t interested in saving money where they can. I’m all about having a great Christmas on a budget. Click the button below to read my tips and tricks.

Living Large Podcast

Season #2 – Episode #5 dropped on Monday. Emma and I take a trip down party memory lane and talk about some of the fun events we’ve hosted at our home.

Don’t forget to listen to Episode #6 this coming Monday. We are joined by Annie and her husband in Dallas.

Some Last Minute Gift Ideas


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Last Weeks Newsletter #3

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  1. Thanks for sharing our post, Lynn! Your home is so peaceful looking. I’m drooling over that TV still! If we decide to buy one, I will be sure to use your link 🙂 Merry Christmas!