5 Ways to Create a Romantic Bedroom

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m going to share with you five ways to create a romantic bedroom.

There really doesn’t have to be a “holiday” to give your bedroom some romantic touches. Your bedroom can be a romantic haven if it’s just for you or for you and your love. I like my room to be a getaway so I tend to have these five things happening in my room all year long.

Romantic Flowers

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My 5 Favorite Things

  • Great Sheets
    • I’m a sucker for good sheets and I used to think that the higher the tread count the better the sheet was. I’ve found over the years that isn’t true. Right now, on my bed, I have 400 Count Hotel Sateen Sheets from Cuddledown. It’s all about the cotton and also how you like to sleep. I’m a hot sleeper so I need fabric that will breathe. I sleep with just the sheet on and “Handy” has the sheet, the comforter, and another blanket over on his side. If you’re not sure exactly what kind of sheets you should be sleeping on, Cuddledown has some resources HERE on bedding. On very special occasions, I take my sheets to the cleaners to have them laundered and pressed. What a luxury! Even if you only do it once in your life, you need to give it a try. I also love to spray my bedding with linen spray. Lavender and Plumeria are two of my favorites.
  • Flowers
    • Flowers just make me feel special and I love to have them all over my house but next to my bed just adds a little something special. Especially a lovely smelling bloom is so sweet to fall asleep to.
  • Candles & Soft Lighting
    • If you want a romantic look to your space you need to turn the overhead lights off (unless it’s a beautiful chandelier) and just have a small lamp or candles lighting up your space. Candles are also another way to add a pretty smell to your room.
  • Music
    • I like smooth jazz. Great music sets the mood for so many things. Dinner party music, relaxing in the tub music, and also falling asleep in your fresh sheets music.
  • Your Favorite Drink
    • Whether it’s a hot cup of camomile tea and honey in your grandmother’s antique china teacup or a lovely glass of wine in beautiful crystal. Once in a while, we just need to treat ourselves to luxury and romance.
Great Sheets

Set the Stage

Before you start creating romance in your room, you need to take the time to deep clean and organize your space.

I promise you, that knowing that everything is clean will not only make your bedroom feel so special; you will get a better night’s sleep in a clean and uncluttered space.

Next, make an easy elegant meal for Valentine’s Day. You can find a great recipe HERE. Unwind in a tub of bubbles and then settle into your clean, romantic bedroom for the night. I promise you, you’re worth it!

Good Night

I hope you enjoyed 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Romantic!

Peace and Love,

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