What are These Empty Nester Planning to Do?


At the end of this week, we will be taking our baby off to college and we’ll be returning home alone; what are these empty nesters planning to do? 

I truly didn’t think I would have a hard time with this.  We’ve had two others leave the nest so we have some experience but the truth is as the day draws nearer, my heart is breaking.  Emma was a surprise baby we weren’t really expecting.  Finding out you are pregnant at 42 years old can be a shocking experience.  Truth be told she has been a blessing!  She’s kept us young and on our toes.  When she wants to be, she can be the sweetest kid with a heart of gold. She likes hanging out with us and still snuggles with me at 18 years old.

College Dorm Desk Under the bunk bed
This is basically her whole room. Bed loft with desk underneath. There is a small dresser at the end of the bed. This is her entire space.

Our recent flooding (read about it here) and the process of preparing for Emma to go to college have kept me busy.  The logistics of making purchases to outfit a dorm and getting everything home in a rowboat was daunting. There wasn’t much time to dwell on the inevitable.  But the water has receded, the sandbags have been removed and our home is back in order.  The college checklist is also complete!  Now it’s just a countdown.  Four more nights of sleep and we will be taking her 6 hours away to Iowa State University.

If you become a Friend of Living Large in A Small House, it entitles you to the FREE Resource Library. My college checklist is included in that Library.

What are these Empty Nesters Planning to Do?

What are these Empty Nesters planning to do? Handy and I have talked about making a point to plan date nights and take the time to focus on us for the first time in years!  We hope to get away more often but we still have a dog and chickens so we will see how that goes. My biggest hope is that with just the two of us at home the house will stay cleaner, for longer. This will be the true test of who really creates the most messes??

The decorator in me is trying to keep my mind focused on things like; what can I do with that extra bedroom to maximize some of the storage dilemmas of a small house?  I foresee the closet being repurposed for seasonal coats.  I’m also considering moving my desk that is currently in our master bedroom to her room.  Since it will just be Handy and me,  I’m thinking that getting my desk out of our room might make things a little more “romantic”.  I can also put it under a window in her room and that would be a bonus.

What can I do with this room?

While I will miss her like crazy the truth is I’m so excited for Emma to start her new adventure.  She’s been ready for college since she was 12.  High School wasn’t an enjoyable experience for her so she really deserves a fresh start.  Time to write my words of wisdom letter that I’ll tuck under her pillow before we leave to come home.  I imagine that there will be some ugly crying on Friday night!



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