Spring Blue and White Toile Eggs – Pottery Barn Dupe

When we recently repainted our living room walls with Sherwin Williams 2024 Color of the Year – Upward, I wanted to refresh my home decor. I’m also looking for some updates to my Easter decor. 

While scrolling through the internet, I found some blue and white toile eggs at Pottery Barn. They are the just right touch that I’m looking for. But at a price. 

My diy pottery barn inspired toile egg using wooden egg and fine point marker

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DIY Projects

I created my own blue and white eggs with fun little DIY projects. I’m not much of a crafter or artist but I do enjoy doing it once I get started. Because I don’t craft often, I have a few hits and a few misses. I will share the good and the bad in this post.

supplies needed for doing decoupage, mod podge, eggs, scissors, paint brush and napkins

I tried two different methods


I gathered my supplies



  • Separate the 2-ply napkins (the back is typically a plain white napkin)
  • Cut the top part of the napkin into strips or small squares
  • Apply the Mod Podge on one-half of the egg
  • Place the napkin strip or square onto the egg. Then I used my finger to apply more Mod Podge to cover the paper and get it to stick. I found that a paintbrush was too rough and made the paper rip.
  • I let half of the egg dry and then did the other half.

Learn from My Mistakes

  1. The napkins that I bought which would have given the eggs more of the look that I was going for were very thin and when I added the Mod Podge the blue ink turned purple. I didn’t realize this until I had finished five eggs. Note for the future: try out your napkin on a piece of paper and see if the color changes
  2. The other napkins that I had on hand were much more blue than white so while they turned out nice, they were more blue than blue and white.
  3. Use your fingers to work with the glue instead of the brush when using napkins as the paper is very thin.
Upgrade your Easter decor on a budget! This easy DIY transforms eggs into stunning Pottery Barn-inspired beauties with blue and white napkins

Hand Drawn with Fine-Tip Marker

​I think I might actually like my hand-drawn dupes better than the decoupage but they both are very pretty. 


  • Wooden Eggs
  • Fine Tip Blue Marker


  • I zoomed in on the Pottery Barn Egg on my computer
  • Let my imagination take hold of the pen

Learn from My Mistakes

  1. My Steadtler markers smeared a bit. My next attempt will be with different markers.


When using napkins for decoupage always test a little piece on a white piece of paper or cardboard to see if the color stays true.

I’m not an artist and the pattern is a bit intricate but I learned fast that you don’t have to be exact at all to get the same look. 

I did some research and the Ohuhu Alcohol Markers just might be the ticket for fine-tip markers. Because they are alcohol-based they are quick-drying. The set contains lots of fun colors. I had so much fun drawing the eggs that I think this set will come to my craft room soon.

Upgrade your Easter decor on a budget! This easy DIY transforms eggs into stunning Pottery Barn-inspired beauties with blue and white napkins along with the egg that I made with a fine-tip marker

Craft Rooms

Speaking of craft rooms, I’m partnering with Dixie Belle Paint and some other creative friends to refinish a cabinet that I bought on Facebook Marketplace that is in my new craft room. We will be revealing our projects in our March 19th post. 

Small China Cabinet - Facebook Marketplace purchase for my craft room
Before Picture of my Craft Room Cabinet

How to Use the Blue & White Eggs in Home Decor

I like the elegance of these eggs so I laid them in a bed of white shredded paper in a white ceramic footed bowl. It makes a statement on a coffee or side table. 

They also look amazing on my spring dining table. You will see my table all dressed up for Easter Brunch next week.

Other Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is such an easy thing to use in the world of crafting.

You can use it on so many different things. I’ve decorated glass plates from the Dollar Store with napkins and Mod Podge. You could also update other spring decor that may need a refresh. I have a cute little bunny that was a thrift store find. It’s a bit dated so I’m either going to decoupage it or paint it for a new look.

You can use napkins, scrapbook paper, old book pages, and even fabric to decoupage outdated items and bring them back to life.

You can create some pretty home decor with a little imagination and Mod Podge.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Hi Lynn !!
    I can’t believe it is March already, Tuesday the 5th is my birthday again , haha.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter and grandson son !

    I love the eggs , I am definitely going to do this project !!

    Have a super weekend
    Paula ~~ Indiana

    1. Hi Paula –
      Hard to believe it’s March. Have fun making the eggs!