30-Day Cleaning & Organizing Challenge including Free Printables (Fall Edition)

There is no time like the present so I am offering my 30-Day Cleaning & Organizing Challenge including free printables (Fall Edition) for FREE!

We have so many new followers at Living Large in A Small House and quite a few of you are interested in organizing. So many that I thought we should have a fall edition of our 30-Day Organizing & Cleaning Challenge

my kitchen after the 30 day cleaning & organizing challenge

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Why Cleaning & Organizing in the Fall

This is a great time to declutter after the summer.

A perfect time to get organized if you have kids heading back to school

Get your house in order before the fuss and mess of the holidays!

Need I say more?

How Do you Clean & Organize your Home?

Let’s start with wrapping our brains around wanting to have a peaceful cozy environment!

Once we decide we want something bad enough, we typically will do the work to get it. I am so motivated by the thought of sitting in my chair this fall with a hot cup of tea, a candle burning, a magazine, and a throw on my lap….. and everything around me is in order.

It will clear my mind to enjoy that tea and magazine without feeling guilty if my space is in order!

The hardest part is simply just starting!

Where Do You Get Started with Organizing?

It really is up to you. But here are some good ideas.

  • The Entryway as it is the first thing you see when you enter your home
  • Some prefer to start in the kitchen as it can be the heart of your home where everyone gathers
  • Your most disorganized space – We Can Do Hard Things!
    • Tackling the hardest thing first can do two things
      • Get the worst project out of the way and it’s all up-hill from there
      • Prove to yourself that you can do this
  • The junk drawer – Some folks have to start small. Dumping everything out of the junk drawer and decluttering and organizing only what truly needs to go back can be a real game changer.

I personally am tackling the kitchen first. It is literally and figuratively the center of our home. When you walk in the front door, you walk into my kitchen.

I’m also canning and preserving food and my pantry is a disaster. I need space!

Why Should I Organize?

Being organized can benefit your health and help you feel happier and more relaxed. Disorganization can wreak havoc on your life. It can lead to an increased stress level and depression.

Cleaning & Organizing Tools

  • Sorting Boxes – You can use boxes, large plastic bins, or even garbage bags but you need something to sort as you go through the different areas of your home
    1. Save – We can’t get rid of everything but remember, NO ONE needs 10 pizza cutters unless you own and live in a pizzeria
    2. Throw – This can be a hard thing for some to do – We will help you with this!
    3. Donate – I’m a huge fan of donating, you can read about that in my post “Where is the Best Place to Donate your Stuff”
    4. Sell – If you’re interested in how I sell items, you can read my post “Successful Selling on Facebook Marketplace”
  • Basic Cleaning Supplies
    • Microfiber Cloths
    • All-purpose spray cleaner
    • Vacuum with your attachments handy
    • Bucket with warm soapy water

All-Purpose Cleaner

Natural Homemade Cleaner
Prep Time5 minutes
Servings: 16 oz


  • 16 oz Spray Bottle
  • measuring cups


  • 8 oz vinegar
  • 8 oz water
  • 20 drops lemon essential oils


  • Add all ingredients together in a spray bottle
  • Shake gently to combine


This is a great all-purpose clean which can be used on just about everything EXCEPT porous surfaces like granite & marble
  • Miscellaneous
    • Shelf Lining Paper
    • Basic Organizing Systems – You can find ALL of my favorites HERE


We Can Do This Together

Everyone who agrees to this organizing challenge will have access to my private Facebook Group. There you will find friends who are all working towards the same goal. We will share our successes and pull each other up when we need some encouragement.

If you join you will also have access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group. I’ve posted a picture of my dirty little secret SHHH! My pantry in its present shape.

I recently read the book “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle and while it has nothing to do with cleaning and organizing (well maybe cleaning and organizing your personal life :)) she has a line that I love “We can do hard things”.

That is going to be our mantra through this coming month of decluttering!


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