My New Place of Peace and Calm!

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Thank heaven for my new place of peace & calm. I’m finally sleeping well at night. I don’t wake up in the morning and check the news, fearful of what is happening next. I don’t feel like I’m in a lifeboat alone and no one is ever going to rescue me. The feeling of something warm and safe finally surrounded me.

I’m taking this place of peacefulness and pouring it into my home. Yes, I’ve always been pretty neat and organized but I’m taking it to another level. I’m focusing my energy on my blog and my passions. My home is neat, organized, and a peaceful place.

My Kitchen
The Rug that Molly is on is from Ruggables! If you don’t know about Ruggables, you need to. You can throw them in your wash machine. So important for a kitchen rug and a rug in a home with animals.

Our daughter has a June wedding planned and I finally feel like there is a glimmer of hope that it might happen and I can start creating and prepping for a very pretty festive event. Even if we have to postpone the big party, they will probably get married in our backyard. It will be a very intimate, beautiful day!

Update: We did have the “Best Little Backyard Wedding” ever and you and see pictures and read about it HERE

There are still some very scary things happening in the world but I find that I’m much more hopeful. Some of the loss this past year has turned into potential and optimism. While it’s been over Zoom, I’ve connected more with some of my friends and family this past year than I have in a very long time.

I’ve embraced this new normal. The holidays were less stressful even though it was sad not to have our kids and family right here with us, we actually got to enjoy more festivities, albeit virtual, than we ever have.

I still can’t make a decent loaf of sourdough bread but I’m not giving up yet! I have another loaf rising on my counter as I write this.

Update: I’ve finally gotten my sourdough down. Here is the recipe that I use!

It’s crazy cold and snowy here in the Chicago Suburbs but I’m embracing the coziness of my home and enjoying the heck out of our fireplace. A fireplace that “Handy” built. I’m blogging next week on all of the projects that “Handy” has made in our house! Expect to be impressed!! I’m anxious to share it all with you.

A Calm Winter Day

I wish for you, all my friends, peace and calm!


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  1. Lynn, your bog transports me to a dream place of mine. I will never have the neat and organized home I envy looking at your beautiful home. As I get older I have come to accept it …as long as Leroy and I are in the same house, this will not happen…lol. So I look forward to reading your blog and doing some of the smaller things like organizing something everyday or getting rid of something I haven’t used. Right now I have my craft room filled with things to donate from around my house. So thank you for the motivation and the dream.

    1. Hi Dawn –
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m happy I can inspire you to make small changes. It’s small things that over time make big changes. I appreciate you sharing what you are doing with me! It makes my day ????

  2. I took some time this morning to look over past posts. Really enjoyed the content and your sharing of your life.

    1. Thank you Linda –
      I don’t blog about any particular thing. I basically just share my life which is so much more than decorating or cooking. I want my followers to know me and know my heart! Thanks for reading!

  3. Dawn J Cillo says:

    Lynn, your blogs bring comfort yo me when I read them at the end of the day. Even if I can’t change things in my house at the moment, it sets the time to write down all the things I want to do.
    Thanks for giving me that little time of peacefulness I desparately need.

    1. Dear Dawn,
      I’m so glad that you find comfort in my little blog. That really means so much to me and it’s a lot of the reasons why I write. I hope I inspire you to find little patches of peace and joy. I find that some flowers or a candle do the trick even if everything else is crumbling around me.