Saturday at This Small House #27

White enamel pitcher with spring branches on a coffee table in front of a white sofa with blue pillows on it. Simple blue and white patriotic decor

Happy Saturday Friends!

There is so much going on behind the scenes at this Small House. We are in full-court press wedding mode. Our laundry room is still under construction and there is no end in sight (even though I have a contractual 6/9 deadline). My office is still crammed full of laundry room things.

Annie & Tommy are coming home on Memorial Day Weekend to attend two weddings and do some of their own wedding things. Emma is moving out on 7/1 so she is packing up and preparing to leave the nest!

I haven’t even begun to look for a wedding dress!

Tuesday’s Blog Post

We are eating a lot of easy-to-make meals and this Ham & Pea with Pasta recipe fits the bill.

lazy day ham & pea pasta recipe plated on a white plate with a slice of French buttered bread

Thursday’s Blog Post

I’m adding a few patriotic decorations for Memorial Day Weekend. I’m not a red person but I’ve added a few touches here and there! You can read about my other ideas in Thursday’s Post

an army green vintage card catalog with some vintage clocks, vintage books, small American flags and a white dove decorating it.

If you’re a blogger or just looking for lots of inspiration, visit the blog on Fridays for our Fabulous Friday Link Party. I along with Diane from South House Design, Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm and Michele from Vintage Home Designs are hosting this fun event. It starts on Friday, February 4th at 8:00 am EST and ends on Mondays at 12 noon.

Emma and I had a very interesting discussion on the Podcast after watching the HBOMax Docu-series “Not So Pretty”. It’s a very interesting conversation.


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I hope you are having the best weekend!

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