How to Have a Quiet Little Christmas

Fir Tree Christmas in front of window with white lights and blue & green plaid ribbons

If you’re wondering how to have a quiet little Christmas? Look no further!

We are going to be alone for Christmas. To some that might seem so sad. While we miss being with family and friends; I don’t miss the stress of it all one bit. I suffer from anxiety and perfectionism so having just our immediate family at home works for me. A quiet, peaceful Christmas is perfection.

We kept it quiet and peaceful last year because of Covid and we are doing that again this year because “Handy” is having hip surgery on December 13th. We are laying low to keep him safe and well so that surgery can happen. He’s needed a hip for longer than he’d like everyone to know. On Christmas Eve he will only be 11 days post-op so going someone where and having a crowd over is out of the question. Our kids Annie and Kenny will be coming home for a few days so that will be nice but we aren’t inviting anyone else but Grandma over.

Again, quite frankly, I’m actually looking forward to a relaxing Christmas.

I’m sure we will Zoom with family but that will be the extent of our big crowd interactions.

Quiet Christmas Ideas

I’ve come up with 5 Quiet Christmas Traditions that we will be doing at our house:

  • S’more Charcuterie Board for this Treat with a Twist
    • Graham Crackers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peppermint Bark Bars, Tiny Marshmallows, Carmel Sauce, Crushed Peppermint, Peanut Butter Cups, Christmas Reeces Trees and sprinkles. Basically what ever you can imagine between graham crackers and/or cookies. If you don’t have a fireplace, the microwave works well (10 seconds) just no fire char!)
Cozy Christmas Idea - Smore Board
  • Christmas Movie Bingo
Christmas Bingo for quiet christmas game
  • Stringing Popcorn, Cranberries and/or Dried Fruit for garland for the Christmas Tree
  • Play Christmas Music with just the Christmas Lights on
  • Game night with cell phones in a basket
  • Bonus: We will be making a Signature Cocktail for the holiday. Read about all of my Cocktails Idea’s HERE
Simple christmas planner on desk
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More Quiet Christmas Ideas

  • Christmas Light Drive
  • Ice Skating or Sledding
  • Order Out a Special Meal
  • Take Time for Yourself (Read a Book, Take a Bubble Bath, Learn Yoga)
  • Organize all Your Christmas Past Photos in a Scrapbook

If you are planning for a busy holiday, I have everything you need to organize and be prepared HERE. I also have a post about how to be ahead of the game when you have a busy week. Read about that HERE.

I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the Christmas/Hanukkah season, even if it’s going to be quiet. The idea that we have to be stretched thin and stressed out to make the holidays great is so silly. If you’re the person to who all the work typically falls, you need to decide, exactly what is a great cozy holiday for you and your family!


If you want to be ready about the things I do to make my home a peaceful sanctuary all year long, you can find that HERE.

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  1. Lynn, that tree of yours is gorgeous!! I have been wanting a sparse tree with empty spaces and yours is just what I have been looking for!! Pinned????

    1. Thanks Cindy – I’ve been wanting this tree for a few years but it took some convincing! Handy didn’t think it looked like a Christmas Tree. He likes it now but I think next year I might bring the fuller tree back to the living room and put this tree up in our room.