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Best Way to Handle a Crazy Week


We have a very busy week coming up and I’m going to share my thoughts on the best way to handle a crazy week!

Get Organized

  • Make a list of everything that needs to get accomplished. I’m very visual so I like a physical list that I can check things off on.
  • Time block your days – Prioritize what days you are going to handle the things from your list. My time blocking daily sheets are available via the link below or HERE
  • Do the hardest projects first so that you get them off your list. Procrastination is so easy and I’m a master at it. If I accomplish the hard things first (as much as I don’t want to) then the easy things are really easy!
  • Use your time wisely. If you have to go out to shop, do it on the best day for what you need. Map out your trip so you hit all the stores on the right first and then the stores on the other side of the street or town on your way back home. If possible get all your shopping done in one day.
paper planner with blank to do page open

Plan Simple Meals

Plan easy to make meals for this week. This may not sound healthy but there are healthy options for all of these meals. This might also be the week where you have carry-out from a local restaurant.

  • Breakfast
    • Make ahead hard boiled eggs
    • Yogurt with fruit
    • Bagel with Laughing Cow Light
Yogurt with raspberries and blackberries in a glass bowl on a white plate with a hardboiled egg on the plate
  • Lunch
    • Sandwiches or Wraps
    • Trader Joe’s Pre-Made Salads
    • Left-Overs
  • Dinner
    • Frozen Pizza
    • Pre-Made Lasagna (CostCo)
    • Grilled or Baked Chicken Breast on a bun or in a salad

I’m leaving for out of town on Thursday morning so I only have to be prepared with 3 days of meals. I’m going to do my shopping on Monday so I’ll pick up my Trader Joe’s and Costco during my shopping runs. Everything else I have in stock but I would add to my list if I didn’t.

Don’t Overdo It

  • Don’t put more on your list than you know you can accomplish.
  • Ask for help (Give assignment lists to others; family or friends)
  • Say NO to things that you just can’t take on during a busy week – The best way is to get out of additional obligations is to say “I would love to do that but I’m just overwhelmed this week”. No one will press you when you tell them your overwhelmed!
  • Make time to sit down during the day
  • Hydrate!!!! Get your 8-8 oz., glasses of water in each day
  • Get plenty of sleep. You don’t work well or think well when your tired. Get your 8 hours
  • If you do however have to take a nap, do it. Your body is telling you it needs a break. A 20 minute power nap is so much better for you then anything longer. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. If you sleep longer, you feel sluggesh and very unmotivated.
Lots of pillows and a duvet covered quilt on the bed welcoming you to rest

Be Realistic!

  • When your prioritizing, put the things that can probably wait for another time, at the bottom of your list.
  • Put the things that aren’t necessary, just would be nice at the bottom of your list
  • If it’s something that only you will notice or appreciate, put that at the bottom of your list. Now is not the time to switch out the shower curtain that you’ve been meaning to do for a month.

Take Time to Enjoy!

When you have a really busy week, it’s typically because you have something extra going on. You’re hosting an event, you’re heading out of town, you have a huge work deadline, a holiday is right around the corner or you are playing catch-up because of something the week before. There are lots of reasons that you might have a crazy week. Remember to enjoy the good things, the small things, and everything in-between. Light a candle in the kitchen or bathroom you just cleaned. Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate for a job well done! Soak in the good wishes for a job well done! Remember that you are AMAZING!

As we head into the end of October, remember that there is a lot coming up for most of us in November and December. Now is the time to start those lists, get yourself organized. I know for a fact that things just go smoother if you have a solid plan!

Peace my friends,

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  1. You are confirming everything I need to myself in one post! And inspiring me to do better, friend. Have a wonderful trip! Iโ€™m sure you have planned every detail to go well!

    1. Hi Leslie – I need to take my own advice sometimes too! The trip is over and I’m actually taking more time for myself this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Such a great post that I really needed after the past week I had! Thank you so much. I also really love the new look on your blog! You always inspire me! ~Missy

    1. Hi Missy – It must have been good timing because I’ve heard from a lot of people via comments on here and social platforms that they needed to hear this. I actually need to take my own advice sometimes and I don’t.

      I’m glad that I could inspire you! Have a lovely week!

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