Do you Want to Know What I Buy Online?


Do you want to know what I buy online? Well just about everything. For years I’ve been saying that my kids would be naked if I couldn’t buy things online. Those kids are now thirty-seven, twenty-seven, and twenty-two years old. Needless to say, I’ve been buying online for a very long time.

online shopping

There are things that I shop for in-person and those things tend to be my vintage finds and my flowers. The

Amazon Order

My online shopping accelerated with Covid. My groceries are even delivered to my front door. I have started tiptoeing back into the grocery stores because I’m pretty picky about my produce. Now that I’ve had both of my vaccines, I’m a little less afraid. Don’t get me wrong, I still mask up and try to go at off-hours.

Pros & Cons of Online Shopping

I know that some folks have issues with the amount of cardboard and plastic that comes from all of these deliveries but I actually reuse a ton of my boxes. Did you know that cardboard boxes make an excellent weed blocker for your gardens? Anything that I ship is in a recycled box and packing. If we can’t use it, it will go in the recycle garbage bin.

I save a ton of money by buying online. I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping in a store it’s just amazing how much stuff just jumps into my cart. Things that I had absolutely no intention of buying when I entered the door of those stores. My online purchases are much more intentional. I also have the opportunity to quickly price shop at different stores in a few minutes. Therefore, saving the price of gas, my time, and money.

My Recent Online Purchases
My Recent Online Purchases

Recent Online Purchases

My recent online purchases may seem very random but they all make total sense to me. First, I typically only use two beauty products every single day. My L’Oreal Cleaner and Face Oil. Collagen gets added to my coffee every morning as it helps my hair, my nails, and my knees and hips. Ever since I started using it daily I have had a lot less joint pain. I also have been stocking up on candles. I needed them for my front porch refresh and I also will be needing them for our upcoming backyard wedding.

That brings us to the last of my recent purchases. First, I’m hedging all bets and starting to plant. Secondly, I’m in an all-out war with the deer that live on our block. They are welcome to eat someone else flowers this year but not mine. I’ve sprayed everything with Deer Out twice and now I needed the refill. Deer sensor sprayers are a Godsend and I’m stocked up. As soon as “Handy” turns on the outside water they will be taking up guard in the yard.

If you’re not a member of Amazon Prime you can sign-up Where Else Do I Do My Online Shopping?

I use InstaCart at least every other week. I can shop at Aldi, Jewel, Costco, Target, Binny’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Petco, Walgreens, and more with Instacart. For a small fee, you can get free delivery and a reduced service charge. So worth it. I also have been supporting Etsy. It’s an amazing resource for Artwork, Clothing, Printables, Vintage and so much more. We bought the legs for our new Farmhouse Table on Etsy. Supporting small businesses is important to me and I can do that through Etsy or by visiting the site of most small businesses. I’ve found that even small shops have added an online component to their business.

Farmhouse Table

Can you guess what from this picture was purchased online? The legs came from Etsy and the chairs were bought from a FB sale. The fabric for the chairs was purchased from I scored that beautiful breakfront from FB Marketplace. The chamber pot on the table was a purchase from an Instagram sale with a contactless porch pick-up. My candlesticks are from Amazon as well as the candles. I purchased the light fixture online many years ago and I’m in the process of selling this one and purchasing something new. You can’t see them but the little chair and table feet protectors are an Amazon staple in our house.

Of course, you also have the option of any brand-name store for more extensive shopping.

So there you have it! My little secret is that I buy almost everything online! What are your favorite online purchases?

Peace my Friends & Happy Shopping!

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  1. The deer ate our tulips, When the neightbors quit feeding them and we put a fence up for our dags we didn’t see them in the yard any more. Have a good weekend!

    1. We can’t have a fence and they live in a forest area on our street. I heard about Deer Out from another blogger and it really seems to be working for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues